Sally don't you go, go downtown.
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"What happened was that Abner Spector was an electronics nut. He took the girls in the studio on a Friday, and they didn't get out of there until everybody was on the track. Anybody that came in the studio that week, he would put them on. Originally, I think he had about 20 voices on 'Sally.'" The cost of the project alone, Richardson figured was over $60,000..." - Sally, Go Round The Roses (alt) was the first (and only) hit for the Jaynettes in 1963 and a unique and hypnotic studio creation. It's been called "a subtle and transcendental epic in 45rpm form" and there is much speculation on its mysterious lyrics. It has been covered by Donna Summer. Great Society (with Grace Slick) . Fanny. Pentangle. ? And The Mysterians and others.
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Sweet post. What's the name of the song on the tuffrecords page?
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The Tim Buckley "My Fleeting House" DVD has a live version of this song that's smokin hot. Cool post!
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I couldn't find it online! Apparently he makes the supposed lesbian subtext ...uh ..text.
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This was also covered by Voice Farm, although it doesn't seem to be on the album preview players on their website. You can, however, find a way to get it for yourself here.
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It was a Rosicrucian prophecy, a tocsin portending the advent of Lady Gaga.
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Also: Bitchin' post.
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The Jaynetts also had a good Christmas song: "Snowman, Snowman, Sweet Potato Nose."
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I'm not an audiophile who insists that the electricity be brought to his speakers by wires of gold or anything, but posts like this remind me that when I experience most of my music through desktop computer speakers at youtube-quality fidelity I'm probably missing out on some things.
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who insists that the electricity be brought to his speakers by wires of gold

Best known metal conductor, silver (nom. %100.) Copper, 94%. Gold, 72%. Aluminum, %60.

Nice post, thanks.
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The Whelk, here's a link to lala that will work for the time being. And it's only text in the case of male singers not making the lyrical gender switch.
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OK, sy, this post lead me to two songs I remember from my childhood -- infancy actually, I couldn't have been more than two... yeah, really I couldn't... -- (the Grace Slick version of 'Sally' and '96 Tear Drops (the second greatest garage band song ever)), and I bet you are hearing it better, more fidelity, on your desktop, even laptop, than I heard it on my cigarette pack sized transistor radio back then. The wall of sound idea wasn't done for expensive hifi, it was a music style meant to match what most people used, and bad now is a lot, lot better than bad in '66.

As to the post: anyone got some mushrooms? Peyote? Only want 'organics', you know, man?
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Isn't this vaguely reminiscent of Vince Guaraldi's wonderful Peanut's Gang music (Especially the bridge?). This also makes me think about Archie Comics even though there isn't a character named Sally.
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Thanks afroblanco, that's what I was hearing in the lyrics but wasn't sure I had gotten it right.

Also, nice post. I will be hunting for this single, love it.
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Great post—thanks, The Whelk!
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The movie that plays along in my head with this song is of a crowd of girls, hanging out on a stoop in the city at the end of a sticky summer day, all gentle but distant sympathy as they watch Sally drift by in her little world of misery. Since it's a gorgeous early summer evening, I suspect I'll have this on repeat all night, which will be lovely. Thanks for reminding me of it, The Whelk!
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