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Wonderful 16mm short films by Australian stop motion animator Gregory Godhard: Collide-a-scope(2009) - Lovesong (2007) - Museum of Dreams (2003) - A Room With Askew(2006) - And last but absolutely not least, Mind's Eye(1998) a terrific ride composed of "1200 photographs shot in sequence."
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Love it, and not just for the art.

In the Mind's Eye film there's a sequence starting at 3'38" of a railway tunnel in Glebe in Sydney which was abandoned as a freight tunnel in about 1996 and redeveloped for light passenger rail opening in 2000. It's right near my parents' house.

When I was growing up the kids in my street and I used to nick through the hurricane wire fence and play around the tracks, trying to jump onto the freight trains (which were accelerating at that point at just under walking speed), trying to signal the drivers to blow the airhorn (they usually did), putting things on the rails to squash them, and other such when-I-think-about-it-now-I-shoulda-been-killed-or-lost-some-fingers stuff.

I used to walk across the derelict tracks most days coming back from high school. I've still got pretentious black and white photographs of that exact tunnel I took for my art classes when I was 16. I've got adolescence nostalgia goosebumps. Thanks metafilter.
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Hey louche a little advice for next time: replace "Australian" with "homeless lesbian Brooklynite" and you'll get plenty more people in here.
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Perhaps you should pass that along to Mr. Godhard:

"Greg, man, your films are really sweet, but you're just too... Australian. And male. No offense, but that's just so done. See, if you were a homeless lesbian from Brooklyn, that animation you slaved over and spent all your money making would get some eyeballs, you know? People love that shit. So - less spending all your time and money on film, more gender reassignment and eating out of dumpsters."
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Cool, I like it.
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Terrific, hypnotic films.
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these are lovely. they reminded me of bits of the brothers quay and jan svankmajer, but that's not a bad thing. thanks for posting.
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