'80s Obscura
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Obscure, overlooked, early '80s new wave/electro/artpunk. JOHN FEKNER CITY SQUAD: Player on left. Try 2 4 5 7 9 11. Or better just listen to them all. Eighties synth wave doesn't get much better than this. Sound collage at the next level. Throbbing synths + icy guitar: Beautiful Skin - Harsh distraction. Gods of psychedelic coldwave, Lives of Angels (Gallis Pole). Trees: Sleep Convention. And Necropolis of Love (yes, that is how we danced in the eighties).
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I have to add this, from 1984, which I was watching earlier today on dvd. The house band in this episode playing at the party is a-ma-zing. All I can say is wow.
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This is the best post in weeks. Thanks, puny human.awesome.
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[Seriously, Lives of Angels is blowing my damned mind. Makes me very happy. Thanks.]
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puny human: "(yes, that is how we danced in the eighties)"

Maybe you danced that way. I was one of those "stomping out the fire" types.

This has led me to look for 80s obscura (to me, anyway) that I remember; I lived in Nashville, where anything past Journey was obscure. I can't find any of it, but it didn't seem that obscure. Anyway, thanks for making me feel old!
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Yeah, I was probably even rockin the white man's overbite Red Loop :)

Thanks koeslitz. Here's more Beautiful Skin: Revolve Demo.
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What. The. Eff???

First link I clicked was the better one. Eighties synth wave doesn't get much better than this, eh?
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If it's gonna be that kinda coldwave party, it's time to whip out "A Darkness In My Soul", by Solid Space or maybe The Vyllies' "Babylon".
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awesome ! thanks for opening me up to these wonderful bands with ridiculous names.

for those of you looking for a lil primer in the universe of super-obscure vintage coldwave and other mopey synth musics, the Minimal Wave Tapes is a pretty wonderful point of entry.
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This is so great. And I love that one of the Necropolis of Love vids is them playing live at a club called "Giggles."
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So, so great. Thank you puny human.
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Ooooh, some tasty beats here. Thanks for posting... great tunes, nifty thread.
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ooh kinnakeet :)

I've been going down there since the seventies. It was definitely a bit of heaven on earth. I've even been flounder gigging behind the Kinnakeet abandoned Coast Guard station.
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Ye gods. That IS how we danced in the 80s, and unfortunately I still do sometimes due to muscle memory. (Did I just admit that?!!)

Great tunes! Thanks.
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