Sierra Leone
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Come with me to Sierra Leone and listen to the hot Bubu of Janka Nabay -- Eh Congo, and then back to the '70s with Kaibara City, featuring; Super Combo Kings: Blind Musical Flames: Sabanoh 75 - Konko: Me Nar Poor Old Man Nor Do Me So - Ebenezar Calendar. Many more.
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Listening to Janka Nabay's tracks at MySpace now - totally slamming. Love it. On the strength of that alone, this is a great post! Thanks puny human!
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As mentioned in the Bubu blog post (where the download" links seem to be, unfortunately, dead) some of the hocketed horn playing in Janka's music reminds one of Rara and Gaga* from Haiti and the Dominican Republic. This is so cool.

*and don't any of you DARE to link to Lady Gaga here
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"multi-partay de-mo-cra-saaaay!"

Words cannot express how much I'm digging this music right now. I just want to thank you once more, ph, for turning me onto this guy. OK, I'll shut up now.
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Yeah that MySpace is hot isn't it flapjax :)

The original Ghetto Bassquake post has more information, but sorry about the links being dead.
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Very cool stuff! Thanks much for the links!
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One of my favorite things when listening to music in languages I don't understand is when suddenly a word or phrase appears that I recognize, like in Janka Nabay's Eh Congo when he sings "John Kennedy" and shortly thereafter the word "America."

Fantastic post!
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