onesocialweb: an open source distributed social networking system
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onesocialweb: an open source distributed social networking system. A month before Diaspora*'s very successful fundraising drive demonstrated the strength of popular support for decentralized social networking platforms, the developers of onesocialweb, an open source project of Vodafone's research and development group, quietly released working development versions of its client and server software.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Yeah, we just had a Diaspora post, maybe add this there if it hasn't shown up already. -- cortex

With the Diaspora post still on the front page, I'm not sure if it was appropriate to post another FPP on the topic of distributed social networks right now. Lots of good discussion in that thread.

I will say, the more I think about the concept, the more I'm convinced that...

...distributed social networking is the future, the Next Big Thing, and...

...onesocialweb and Diaspora are both going to be footnotes in this story, overshadowed by a successor that learns from their mistakes and does it right in a way that's accessible to the masses. I give it five years before anything really takes hold in the global consciousness, on a scale large enough to shake Facebook.
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I think OneSocialWeb and Diaspora both sound great - and the more the merrier. Let's also not forget about, a distributed microblogging platform, or the DiSo Project, which is doing great work building decentralized social networking standards and processes.
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Once again: The Internet. Check it out.
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For those wanting to see it in action, here's a screencast. This one looks more like an evolution of the instant messaging concept than a Facebook replacement (is there a difference?). I rather like it.
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I was just reading about this and it sounded really interesting... oh, right, just down there...
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Once again: The Internet. Check it out.

Or, you could even, you know, leave the house.
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Maybe we were on the right track in 1998 when everybody had a web page.
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