(The secret ingredient is coriander.)
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As a past member of the Vergilian Society (and having spent time in their summer study program at the Villa Vergiliana), I approve of this post.
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medieval Aenid fan-fiction

I think it's immorall, I knowest it to be illegall, and it maketh me want to barfe.
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In my first High-School year, I remember writing and then attempting to draw a comic adaptation of the Aeneid with guns, monsters, and any kind of steampunkish thing that came to my mind while doodling in class. Just a few months after that I was horrified by my sketches and trashed the whole thing. It was awhile back: then came God of War and Dante's Inferno so I guess bad ideas I had in school are quite popular now and make a lot of dollars. Like the makers of those games I had no respect for the source material and, I'm guessing, I just ripped it off because I was lazy and didn't want to come up with character ideas and plots. Way to go game industry, story-wise you're as smart as high-school me.

Oh, btw, isn't Aeneid by itself pretty much fan-fiction? I mean, a minor character nobody cares about gets to be the hero? I'm surprised he doesn't go shipping with Helen.
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I think Aeneas played a greater role in some of the missing books of the Trojan epic cycle. In the Cypria (according to Proclus's summary) Aphrodite tells him to sail with Alexandros (aka Paris) to Sparta.

Though I guess it all could be fan-fiction, eh?

But I just came here for the cheese dip. Anyone find the actual recipe? The fragment talks about grinding 16# of grain & adding herbs. I want my cheese! (and I also want to impress my friend with the gladiator fetish).
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The cheese goes in there. It's more of a spread than dip, mashed in a pestle until vaguely homogenous. Easier in a food processor, no doubt, but that's cheating.

The bulb preserved from th' plant in water doth
He rinse, and throw it into th' hollow stone.
On these he sprinkles grains of salt, and cheese
Is added, hard from taking up the salt.
Th' aforesaid herbs he now doth introduce
And with his left hand 'neath his hairy groin
Supports his garment;

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It's pesto. He's making pesto.
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He's making pesto.

He's using parsley instead of basil, which makes for more of a persillade.
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Thank you Iridic!
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