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'The Conversations is a monthly feature in which Jason Bellamy and Ed Howard discuss a wide range of cinematic subjects: critical analyses of films, filmmaker overviews, and more. Readers should expect to encounter spoilers.' Including: Passion of the Christ vs. The Last Temptation of Christ, Mulholland Dr., Pixar, and others.
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The House Next Door has been one of the best film blogs out there for a long time IMHO. They just recently moved over to Slant. Good to see they're still doing good work.
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The Passion/Last Temptation conversation is great reading. Thanks for posting this.
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This is pretty darn good.
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There's a quick scene early on where WALL-E notices that his treads are getting worn. He stops by a fallen robot and then there's a jump cut to his newly replaced treads motoring along. It instantly reminded me of a ubiquitous scene that appears in many war movies or films about poverty, where a downtrodden man finds a corpse and takes the opportunity to strip off its boots, replacing his own with somewhat nicer ones. That's basically what WALL-E does here, though it happens so fast and is glossed over so quickly that it's easy to miss.

Really? Is that type of scene "ubiquitous"? Because I can't think of two examples of it beyond WALL-E. Sometimes film people get caught up in being a film person, failing to realize we didn't all watch 200 French films about suffering in World War II.

Or maybe he isn't using 'ubiquitous' correctly, I dunno.
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I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who feels this way:
    Finding Nemo, a picture so simplemindedly sweet that it's only as interesting as its visuals and thus is often boring
(Also: Man, this Pixar article is long!)
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SPOILER: They're all really long.
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Joy! Discussion of Mulholland Drive that begins with David Foster Wallace musings on David Lynch. My culture receptors are overloading with goodness.
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oh man, they love Mulholland Drive. Am I the only Lynch fan in the world who thought he was treading water on that thing? Really, every time I see someone talk about experiencing "a lynch film" when talking about mulholland drive, I think "so it's like blue velvet or lost highway, except not as good."
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These are great, thanks for bringing them to my attention. I like the shoutouts to Henson in the Pixar one.
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I've been waiting to read something contrasting the Passion with Last Temptation and this conversation did the trick. Thanks.
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