VR Vatican.
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Missing the guards telling people not to sit on those stairs.
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Have the colors been digitally amped up or is it just look that better since being cleaned several years ago?
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I see they've made some alterations, underfoot.

Is nothing sacred, indeed?
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Also missing the guards yelling at you for trying to take photos of a ceiling you've stood in line two hours for and wandered through 60 labyrinthine rooms at the museum proper to get to.

I'll say this, it really showcases just how comprehensive the chapel is; it's not just a small painting on a ceiling, or even a large painting on a ceiling. It's thousands of details, painted as magnificent frescoes on any spare inch of real estate.
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This is actually kinda better than being there in person...
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I can't view that, it would drain my battery!
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I've never been there... and this is neat...
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Here's a press release from Villanova which looks like it describes the same project.

"Several thousand digital photographs were taken with an advanced motorized camera rig and then digitally stitched together, color-corrected, and post-processed by Villanova team members to create a cubic panorama file that presents the Chapel in a three-dimensional projection. Tour visitors can zoom in for high-resolution views of the interior of the Chapel. The tour can be viewed over Internet connections with a variety of bandwidths."
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I don't get it.

Maybe you had to be there.
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I can't view that, it would drain my battery!

Phrased incorrectly. You have freedom from having your battery drained.
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[this is good]

Yeah, my sense is that this is probably better than being there, based on what I've heard from people who were goaded through the room feedlot-style after queuing up for hours.
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But I'll bet you still can't tell me what it smells like there....
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I'll say it, too: this is actually better than being there. My big takeaway from the experience (aside from queuing up for hours before being goaded through) was the noise level of everyone talking and how every so often a guard would clap, causing the volume to drop precipitously before steadily rising again, over and over. Reminded me of being at the dump, where the seagulls would descend looking for food among the trash and then a cannon would fire scaring them back into the sky, briefly, over and over. Also, the Vatican has the most awesome collection of pagan sculpture. Go figure.
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I truly enjoy these VR photos and found a library of gems at panoramas.dk which is continually updated & they keep their archive alive.

My favorites are the underwater VRs as well as the few I have seen where you can click into another room (hyper links within the VR) that opens a whole new, yet continuous VR scene.

When I discovered these types of photos from far-away lands, I fell in love with the internet all over again.
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Burhanistan: "God is a white man who sits on a pile of naked people?"

You should see the pile of dead people.
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Threeway Handshake: "Child rapists sure got some pretty buildings."

You know, as much I find the abuse in Catholic Church abhorrent, I wish people would stop painting all priests as pedophiles.

I grew up Catholic, and although I am no longer practicing any sort of organised religion, I have to say the priests in my parish were awesome dudes, really down to Earth. One of my favourite priests even dropped an F-bomb on me once (off church grounds, mind you) just to see how I would react.

So can we cut it out with the blanket assessment of priests as perverts?
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Anyone else notice the copyright notice on the floor?
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Sistine Chapel tip for future travellers: There's a door at the back of the room, right hand side. You can see it in this panorama. If you go out that instead of the regular exit, you end up immediately beside St Peter's and can just climb the stairs and head in. As opposed to the regular exit, where (I believe) you end up back in the square and have to queue up again to get into the Basilica.

But yeah, this is definitely better than being there, as it's missing the throngs of people, the noise and the annoying guards.
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Looks like an ostentatious shithole where pedos hang out to me...

Yeah, a building containing some of the greatest art the Western world has produced is a shithole. Gotcha!
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Oddly enough, I don't remember the massive lineups when I went through it in person years ago: what I remember is the difference in the colours. There was more nuance in the 'uncleaned' version.
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Thank you so much - this is truly fantastic and, serendipity, at precisely the correct point in our art history class!
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I dunno, looks awfully busy. Makes my head spin, and my neck hurt.
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aetg...The cleaning revealed very bright and often stunning color under the centuries of soot and nastiness.
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Does anyone know where I can find really high-res photos of any of the main sections of the Chapel ceiling?

Really high-res. Big enough to blow up to, you know... ceiling size?
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Silenzio! Silenzio! No photo! NO PHOTO!
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Reminded me of being at the dump, where the seagulls would descend looking for food among the trash and then a cannon would fire scaring them back into the sky.

Wait... your dump has a freaking cannon?
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Awesome! Thanks for posting...and yeah, better than being there. Easier on the neck and no jostling for position with the unwashed masses. (And yeah, the exit on the right is great, if it's open, and not reserved for special tour groups. But it's ok, got to see the Raphael in the Pinacoteca.)
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Ceiling of the local watering hole.
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