I don't know much about math, but I know what I like.
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Plus magazine has compiled all their articles on mathematics and the arts into one handy-dandy page full of highly enjoyable articles ranging from limericks and screeching violins to the restoration of frescoes.
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Great post. I'd add this recent paper of Irfan and Stork to the debate over whether computations of fractal dimension are useful in distinguishing real Pollocks from fakes.
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These are really nifty! May I humbly suggest that the tags math and mathematics be added to this post so folks like me who say "math" instead of "maths" will be able to find it later?

I particularly enjoyed the ones on stepping inside paintings using their perspective to recreate the spaces they depict and on tiling patterns ("Secrets from the Bathroom Floor" and "The Trouble with Five").
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Nick Collins is great and it is great to see him get some media attention.
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