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One of the holy grails of the infosaturated overworking computer professionals like myself is a single food capable of giving all the nutrients you'd need for a meal, and be as easy as possible to prepare and eat. Some friends used to call this dream creation "food paste" or "foodstuff capsules" or most simply "fuel." I never thought my Jetsonian dream would ever come true, but now there's the Dilberito, with 100% of 23 vitamins and Jamba Juice's Smoothies. Why do I mention Jamba? Because I saw this poster in the SFO airport last night, and they even go so far as to answer the question "can I get too much Jamba?"
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I remember Scott Adams posing this question in the DNRC newsletter a year or so ago - at the time I thought he was just musing, but that was back when I thought he was joking about the whole positive imaging thing... Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the concept of the Dilberito and can totally see stockpiling them for long work sessions - but am I the only one who thinks that Scott is now playing for the Induhviduals team these days?
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i dunno, the concept is good, but did you look at the pictures of those things? they looked pretty disgusting. you'd think he could afford to have a swanky ad agency make them look beautiful and appetizing. fast food restaurants do it all the time...
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I don't know about these Dilberitos, they still seem like too much effort, I want something that is about the size of a vitamin that takes care of eating for four or five hours. Even Power Bars seem like too much chewing when I just want nourishment. But maybe I'm weird. Wait, I know I'm weird, but maybe I'm also weird about food, and lazy.
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I saw these a while back, and I was all set to go buy some, but they don't have any meat! How can you have a burrito without any meat?? The Indian version looks like it has meat, but It's really cauliflower!! Gak!

If you want a pill try Twin Labs Diet Fuel. Get the version with Ma Huang and guarana. A snack for breakfast and then two pills every three hours. as a bonus you'll lose a couple pounds a day.

On the down side, the FDA is a little iffy on this product, and you'll be so jittery you'll frighten people.
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Ah yes, the beloved MAO inhibitor...
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Ah yes, the misread webpage...
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Hmmm, that Twin Labs thing doesn't seem like quite the ticket, I mean, how filling is Ma Huang extract anyway?
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