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"Why? Philosophical Discussions" about everyday life may be the world's first call-in philosophy show. Its mission is to create a large-scale conversation between philosophical professionals and the general public.

WHY? radio, from the University of North Dakota's Institute for Philosophy in Public Life, is a monthly, call-in radio show hosted by philosophy professor Jack Russell Weinstein. "...the show was created to illustrate how day-to-day life is steeped in deep philosophical commitments and to provide a venue for exploration of those same commitments." Shows feature notable guests such as Martha Nussbaum, Amelie Rorty, and Amartya Sen.
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Listening to episode 12 now - strange that the audio includes the NPR news from that day... but kind of useful because it sets the tone for the news of the day that might be on the minds of the callers.

At any rate, the episode starts out with a really interesting discussion about satire.
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This is pretty great, thanks. For everyone else's reference, the podcast is available.
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...which has already been posted to MeFi. How about that.
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Interesting news, but I am not sure it's first. What about Philosophy Talk with Stanford's John Perry and Ken Taylor? They've been chugging along with a show for quite a number of years now.
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The ABC also has a pretty good philosophy radio show. Not call in though, there's a website where different philosophers of stature write responses to emailed questions.
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Unless it changed in the last few years, Philosophy Talk isn't a call in show (goodness, I miss listening to it on OPB).
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Philosophy Talk has been call in for at least 5 years. Here in Portland it's delayed, so we always hear the warning not to call. They also do live shows where the audience asks questions.
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Not sure if it's been on MF before, but Philosophy Bytes (podcast/blog) is also worth checking out.
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ha! I used to work at KUND*/KFJM - the radio/studio this show is likely recorded at. Loved it. What a great time.

*sold to the Catholics a while back so they can get the word out about their plans, or something.
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Fun; thanks for posting it.
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