Serein v4
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Serein v4. Online UK label Serein's last redesign saw a number of ambient and experimental albums released for free. They've redesigned again with a slightly more realistic business model, and in addition to the two releases out so far, they've put out three free "forecasts" so far, mixtapes of a sort, arranged by the artists. Three is the latest, and by halfway through I knew it would likely be appreciated here.
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They do very nice work. This might be useful to those of you who still like to get your music in plastic and cardboard format (weirdos!).
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They had 18 free releases from 2005-2008, if Discogs is accurate. That back catalog is available on, though it might take some prodding to find all 18 prior releases. I found SER001 by searching for the term, as it wasn't listed under the Muhr category on the label.
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thanks, filthy. Yeah, apparently giving the music away didn't work for them. I hope they rerelease some of those, though, Red After Image was awesome too.
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According to Discogs, at least a few of the releases were put out on limited edition CDr, including Red After Image. That same release was available as a 320kbps MP3 release, but it's on as VBR MP3. In other words, the version is a bit lower quality than the original MP3s, if Discogs is to be believed.
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