We'll see the world in our Levi Blues, but I'll always come back to you
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Amanda Walther and Sheila Carabine became friends in Canadian high school band. They now make up Dala, an accoustic folk pop duo who sing songs like the cutesy pop song Levi Blues, Alive about a hellish New Years Eve in an old cabin, Marilyn Monroe about coming of age, and the more serious Horses, a song dedicated to a paraplegic teenager. They have opened for Neko Case, Tom Cochrane, and Matthew Good and covered Neil Young.
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PS: Forgot to mention: They have a PBS special with The Good Lovelies, and Oh Suzanna called Girls from the North Country. I can't find the exact time on PBS's website.
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How did I just *know* one of them would be playing a ukulele?
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It's the traditional instrument of Scarborough.
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I love that Canadian indie-pop kids can have such a Chinese-sounding name!
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^ The make up the band name Dala.
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Hm. I saw them open for Matt. Good years ago, they seemed like nice people.
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At Canmore FMF Aug 1, will check 'em out.
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They're no Prussian Blue.
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