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Script to Page - Guy Davis(automusic) comic panels alongside a Rob Williams script of a story of the eponymous law man from the Judge Dredd Megazine, a spin off magazine from the venerable comic 2000AD. The original comic has been around since 1977 and the Megazine itself is now approaching it's 20th year. posted by fearfulsymmetry (15 comments total) 7 users marked this as a favorite
ooh, I hope the new movie has Rob Schneider in it!
posted by shmegegge at 2:07 PM on May 20, 2010

There's already been a very good movie adaptation of Judge Dredd. It was called RoboCop.

New one has some good people working on it, and more importantly have people working on it that give a damn about making it work as more than a generic Hollywood action vehicle. I have high hopes.

High hopes are made to be dashed when it comes to movie adaptations of comics, but still...
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Also I think guy Davis does a fantastic job on that story. It's not often you see a North American artist in 2000ad/The Megazine, and people talk about it having a peculiarly British quality that maybe makes it tricky for Americans, but I think he totally nails it, and fits right in. Doesn't hurt that the story has a big monster in it of course, he's all about the big monsters. BPRD right now, my god does that have monsters...
posted by Artw at 2:50 PM on May 20, 2010

Guy Davis is awesome. I remember ranting with joy over The Nevermen and The Marquis. I've loved his monsters in BPRD, but mostly I just hear "It's not Mignola!" backlash... which makes me sad.
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Wake me when there's a range of Slaine the Berserker Pez dispensers and Rogue Trooper-themed cotton candy.
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'Stak! The genetik freak Rogue Trooper has severed mein airline, exposing me to the toxic air of Nu Earth! Must get... one more taste... of delicious SALT WATER TAFFY... before I die... *gasp* *gurrrgle*"

"It's not Mignola!" backlash.

He's very not Mignola... that's what's great about him. TBH the guys that they had on BPRD before him, who were Mignola-ish without being Mignola, were a bit of failure because you could not help compare them. Davis has a such a completely different style so that's not so much of a problem, plus he rocks in his own right. Plus monsters, of course.

The one area ehere it's been pretty consistant is the layout of panels - very simple, no irregular panels, nothing popping out of panels, and these occasional weird non-sequitor images. I believe that at the start Mignola used to lay out the pages, but doesn't do that anymore, and I beleive Davis has the Hellboy/BPRD layout style down.
posted by Artw at 3:32 PM on May 20, 2010

Yeah, I love, love, love Davis' sense of pacing with layout. Like that whole big with the kid getting nom'd by the monster, it's so OH FUCK. His bit with the Jaguar God BPRD was along the same lines of awesome for me.
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A really neat piece on composition and storytelling by Dredd artist PJ Holden.
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(Schwarzenegger voice)

Ooh, Judge Dreadful! Or do your friends just call you Jughead?

This was from the "Movie In a Minute" series of radio ads from Hollywood Video? I don't remember the chain but that lins always made me laugh.
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I'm old enough to have read, new on the stands, one of the earliest issues of 2000AD where Joe Dredd takes off his helmet, and to see the reactions of the lawbreakers he is about to judge. Needless to say, given the mythology that the writers later placed upon Dredd revealing his face, it's a Dredd strip and a set of panels that has been effectively Orwellised from the character's history. Anyway, loved the script.

I do think for certain people of a certain age, 2000AD was a kind of mutant idea virus factory with Dredd as its hard-charging figurehead that seeded an entire generation of impressionable under-10s with some very strange ideas. Looking back on the early issues, and on its stablemate Action, it's amazing that things so violent and subversive were ever sold as, well, comics for children. John Wagner, Pat Mills, Kelvin Gosnell and Kevin O'Neill have a lot to answer for.
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Stak! The genetik freak Rogue Trooper has severed mein airline, exposing me to the toxic air of Nu Earth!

The first Rogue Trooper was indeed ridiculous WWI in space cobblers. The second Rogue Trooper was excitingly odd future war shenanigans and my favourite strip in 2000AD. Are there any trades of the later stuff?
posted by ninebelow at 2:33 AM on May 21, 2010

Guy Davis Talks B.P.R.D. & The Marquis

ninebelow - Do you mean the War Machine stuff? They just reprinted and bundled that as a freebie with Megazine #292 and #293. Dunno if it;s getting a "proper" reprinting.

The "Classic" Rogue Trooper, and it's continuation by Gordon Rennie, are available here.
posted by Artw at 8:55 AM on May 22, 2010

There are three types of Judge Dredd story. One, where he's the hero who saves the day, using stern determination and a Lawgiver to mete out justice to the truly terrible. These stories suck. Two, where he's the villain, and unwitting or compromised-by-circumstance lawbreakers are hunted down like Jean val Jean by a Javert in tight leather. These also suck. The third is where there is a fantastic and horrible futurescape, inhabited by unreasonable and unreasoning monsters, and the only thing keeping you from them is another monster, who will lock you away for thirty years for spitting on the sidewalk. These are the best Judge Dredd stories - you hate him and everything he stands for, but you root for him to win, because the alternative is orders of magnitudes worse.

Welcome to Megacity One, citizen. We all live here, now.
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Dylan Teague Dredd Page step by step - no actual Dredd in it, mind, but gorgeous anyway.
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