Cain and Abel?
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Families, everyone's got to have one (or two, or three) Christopher and Peter Hitchens. Brothers.
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Whoo, can you imagine Thanksgiving dinners with those two?
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[Peter] became a devout member of the Church of England.

As someone raised in the Anglican Communion, that's all I need to know. "devout" plus "Church of England" always equals "crazy" provided that it's not someone describing their grandmother.
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Shortly after the death of the evangelical Reverend Jerry Falwell, [Christopher] said: ‘If you gave Falwell an enema he could be buried in a matchbox.’

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I find it slightly suspect that the article focuses mainly on C. Hitchens' politics and not on his religious views (most notably his lack thereof.) This may be because the article dates from 2007, but I seem to remember, even then, Christopher Hitchens being a prominent member of the "New Atheists" movement-like thing. I know many people who find his politics abhorrent and his religious views wonderful. I imagine there are plenty of others who feel the opposite.

I note this focus on politics in part because of the source of the article. I feel that being the reporting arm of a workers collective has left the author, if not the website, with a limited perspective.

I want to see the Hitchens debate religion over a family meal. It might be worth selling tickets to that.
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Hitchens vs. Hitchens
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Evidently, it is the Islamic face rather than the fascist substance that Hitchens finds so repulsive. His latest best-selling diatribe is called God Is Not Great.
I'm not as repelled by Hitchens as most people, but his geopolitical ideas seem to be inspired mostly by his hatred of religion.

I wonder where his extreme hatred comes from. As an atheist sibling to a born-again, I can vaguely empathize with anger that comes of witnessing the stupifying effect that zealotry has on a loved one, but rage is a pretty shabby foundation for a worldview.
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Most readers of this are probably more familiar with Christopher than with his brother, so here is a link to Peter's Mail on Sunday blog. You'll get what he's about pretty quickly just skimming through.

The thing with Peter is that although I disagree with pretty much every single thing he thinks, I have a kind of grudging respect for the man. Unlike most Daily Mail journalists/columnists, I get the impression that he really truly believes what he writes, and thinks hard and seriously about it. He sticks to his (deeply conservative) principles even when this puts him at odds with the official line of his newspaper and its readers, even going so far as to call for the break-up of the Conservative party because it is too left-wing for him. So yeah, he gets a certain (and limited) kind of respect from me.

In other Peter Hitchens news, I saw him cycling around Oxford the other day. He was smiling, which surprised me somewhat.
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The thing with Peter is that although I disagree with pretty much every single thing he thinks, I have a kind of grudging respect for the man.

Heh. The thing with Christopher is that although I agree with much of what he thinks, I have nothing but loathing for the man.
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Not sure a New Internationalist article from October 2007 is exactly best of the web .. but to keep the thread alive, here's a piece from yesterday's Independent about the Miliband brothers, the Dimbleby brothers, the Gallagher brothers, and, yes, the Hitchens brothers: Things can turn nasty when brothers pick the same career. The article claims there's been a 'reconciliation of sorts' between the Hitchens brothers, but goes on to point out that at their last public encounter they 'refused to shake hands and barely looked at each other':

Audience member: I've seen you sneaking furtive glances at each other throughout the whole event but you've never I think made eye contact. And I just wondered whether, for this final moment, whether there was a chance you could just look at each other?

CH: I don't mind giving the odd squint, but you don't know what we've just been through. We were asked by James Naughtie to do an on-radio handshake, he was so keen to promote brotherhood and human kindness, and I thought this was a handshake made for radio. So because we both recoil from this slightly sickly element of it, I think we may have to retain the quiet dignity of a stuffed moose, as Bertie says of Jeeves.

Audience member: So will you do it?

[CH and PH look briefly at each other]

PH: They want everything to be all right.

CH: They want a happy ending - that's their problem.

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Whoo, can you imagine Thanksgiving dinners with those two?

Yes, but it takes a little extra imagination because they don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Britain.

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Yes, but it takes a little extra imagination because they don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Britain.

I imagine that Christopher Hitchens celebrates it now that he's an American citizen.
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This is the second time I've been made aware of a well-known figure's less well known brother via Metafilter.

*reads article*

Sibling rivalry just never ends, does it?
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The magazine ad for Peter's book says, "You're too smart to believe in God. That's what the Atheists want you to believe."

Umm, yeah, I'll get right on that.
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CH on Thanksgiving
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This Falwell quote is genius
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In the current First Things Theodore Dalrymple reviews the latest books by the Hitchens brothers in "The Brothers Grim".

Peter Hitchens: "How I found God and peace with my atheist brother"
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