Writers' Dilemma
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Unethical practices in online publishing If you are trying to eke out a living by way of writing content online, then maybe you will find this interesting. I have had minimal experience in publishing online after retirement, and I found it extremely dissatisfying that someone will be paying so low for quality content. Associated Content is one of such companies that really pisses us writers off. However well-written the content may be, the amount paid to writers is too low.

This writer has given a good in-depth description of what is happening at AC. If there are writers out there, I would love to hear their opinions. I have my own personal publishing experience to share, but that's held up in a draft form for now. After seeing this, I want to get serious with letting the world know about this myself.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: This leans a bit over the line in terms of too much editorial in the post. The context, with adequate framing of course, should usually speak for itself. -- vacapinta

Wow, the grammar-fail was strong in that linked post.

Full disclosure: I'm an Associated Content member myself, and using the non-exclusive option, have been able to collect a few buck here and there for article I'd completed for 1up.com after the rights reverted back to me. True, the amount made per page view was mere pennies, but it was a way for me to wring a little extra out of articles that I'd already been paid for at a lump sum.

AC recently was bought out by Yahoo, so maybe cpm payments will rise too?

At any rate, I'm under no compunctions I'm gonna get rich with AC; it's more like a way to earn a few pennies while I do freelance work elsewhere.
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Depressingly, Metafilter pays me zero for witty comments such as this one.
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This would have been a good comment for your own blog. There's a bit too much editorializing here to make a good FPP..
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Google needs to give you the option to filter sites like ehow, ezine articles and associated content. They're in every search I do lately and they're almost always completely useless, poorly written and filled with mistakes.
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