Programmers? Hackers? Journalists.
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"The Journalist as Programmer" is an academic, ethnographic case study (pdf), which considers whether the New York Times' Interactive Newsroom Technologies unit, source of the paper's Open Source Developer Network, should be thought of as a template for the future of Web Journalism. Slide Deck. (Previously on MeFi.) NYMag profile of the INT team from '09: The New Journalism: Goosing the Gray Lady. ("What are these renegade cybergeeks doing at the New York Times? Maybe saving it.")
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Also worth mentioning, the UK Guardian's Open Platform. Both of these papers are at the absolute forefront of journalistic design and development in their respective countries.
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Quit fiddling with computers and go do some real journalism!
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I believe MetaFilter's own thescoop is part of the NYT team.
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A Times employee of my acquaintance IM'd me the following:

I wish they'd let that team expand enough to cover our internal systems.
The computards we have now doing the freelance payroll and book-tracking
databases can't even make the search function work consistently.

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I wish they'd let that team expand enough to cover our internal systems.

Yeah, I know journalists elsewhere who feel that way about their Web-tech people vs. their IT people, too. It really would be a good niche to fill for a company with people willing and able to do both.
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