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User-submitted inspiration for comics and art: Poorly-drawn cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines (prev), and more refined comics from "normal" text spam text. Cartoons drawn from titles sent to one Sam Brown (pseudonym of Adam Culbert). Artists send artwork, someone else adds the text. Submit a video game title and description and get the box art made for you, courtesy of MeFi's own cheap paper [via mefi projects].
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I miss Spamusement. It's only a flesh wound!

Great post, flt, and a great project, cp.
posted by yiftach at 11:19 AM on May 26, 2010

Oh man, I would totally play The Golden Age of Hyrule.
posted by The Pusher Robot at 11:21 AM on May 26, 2010

Hooray for Made-Up Videogame!
posted by zusty at 11:24 AM on May 26, 2010

Spamusement is awesome, though it sadly hasn't been updated since 2007 :(
posted by antifuse at 11:25 AM on May 26, 2010

I really like the thought put into the imaginary games from the submitters, which is well matched by the level of detail and thought that goes into the box art from cheap paper. And So Many Capes!
posted by filthy light thief at 11:27 AM on May 26, 2010

Was "Cartoons drawn from titles" supposed to link to ExplodingDog?
posted by amethysts at 11:42 AM on May 26, 2010

Aherm, yes.
posted by filthy light thief at 11:47 AM on May 26, 2010

"you are so good to me eggplant mike" -- Milk through nose moment.
posted by smcdow at 12:04 PM on May 26, 2010

Marian Bantjes made a nifty poster from the subject lines of spam emails. I think it's meant mostly to be a typography exercise, but it sure is nifty.
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Another sort of user-inspired comic: Fridgetoons.
Fridgetoons is a comic that is made by Jaybill McCarthy. His house mates randomly arrange letter magnets on the refrigerator and he illustrates the results. Sometimes it is totally funny.
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See also Slow Wave wherein Jesse Reklaw draws cartoons based on readers' weird dreams.
posted by usonian at 12:17 PM on May 26, 2010

It's time to Refill armadillo.
posted by JHarris at 12:18 PM on May 26, 2010

That's me liking masturbators!

I miss you, spamusement.
posted by jewzilla at 1:04 PM on May 26, 2010

We called you 7 times

These are awesome
posted by Xoebe at 1:24 PM on May 26, 2010

Wasted quite a bit of my time for the year or so that I played it.

One person starts with a sentence, and the next person randomly gets that sentence and has to illustrate it, leading to the next person describing that picture in a sentence. Telephone, basically.
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HELLO ME NOT DEAD is a pretty good sketch of Sesame Street characters and a coffin. I think he's underselling his skill.

In regards to Exploding Dog, I like the earlier, sketchy and sparse drawings. The newer ones feel too well crafted, if that makes sense.
posted by filthy light thief at 1:46 PM on May 26, 2010

Oh, and I once was given an Eggplant Mike made from a real eggplant with Mr. Potato Head parts. God I miss that comic.
posted by jewzilla at 3:18 PM on May 26, 2010

Spamusement is the dog's bollocks.
posted by Bangaioh at 3:39 PM on May 26, 2010

You were wrong, Cabinet Sanchez.
posted by kyrademon at 6:22 PM on May 26, 2010

Filthy light thief, I totally agree about Exploding Dog. They're also incredibly wordy now - he likes to add additional text onto them now which makes them seem incredibly clunky. Whereas before they were really elegant in the way he could express beautiful, complicated ideas based on a sentence fragment with just a simple line drawing. Even when he doesn't add text, dropping the text on there is also just really clunky and ugly. The ones he was making around 2002-2004 were something like my religion for that point in time.
posted by amethysts at 7:15 PM on May 26, 2010

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