Bug-eating slugs, fanged fish, and killer sponges (oh my)
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Attenborough's Pitcher, an "Udderly Weird Yam," a two-inch phallic mushroom already immortalized on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, and the "Bombardier Worm" ("Chaff worm" would seem a more accurate name) are just four of the newly described species making the International Institute for Species Exploration's totally arbitrary Top 10 New Species list.

Unsurprisingly given the human impact on extinctions (previously, previously, previously), some of the "new" species (the list is culled from "the thousands of species fully described and published in calendar year 2009") are already endangered. As the less-explored corners of the world continue to yield new species, we see what the "diversity" in "loss of diversity" really means. Who could live in a world without the Ninja Slug, which "makes use of so-called 'love darts' in courtship to inject a hormone into its mate that may increase its reproductive chances"; the dwarf wallaby; this applause-worthy group of handfish; or the double-penis lizard?
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Am I missing something? This thing looks way more like a vagina than a penis to me.
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NM, I figured it out. Those commas are confusing.
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I'm sorry, but I feel I should have been warned in a much more forcefully about the existance of carnivorous sponges
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Yes, I was wondering how a mushroom was growing yams.
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More species should be named after David Attenborough. That is all.
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Phallus drewesii

"Named (with permission) in honor of Dr Robert C. Drewes (California Academy of Sciences) who initiated extensive multi-orgasm organism biodiversity studies on the islands of São Tomé and Príncipe and who has dedicated more than 30 years of his life to research in Africa."

Now you know how I briefly misread that.
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