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Borne in the succession of rebellions, Tichumaren has redefined the image of the Tuareg. Popularized on the international stage in 2001 via the success of Tinariwen, the "desert blues" has changed the conception – from the exotic blue men of the desert to the Kashniklov/guitar strumming desert rebels.

Yet the rebellion has long since ended. The region of the Tamashek faces new issues – international drug trafficking, a local Al-Qaedi franchise, and the ever persistent threat of drought. While the old Tamashek rebellion ballads remain an integral part of "folk" culture, the Tichumaren music continues to evolve in new directions. While spurned by a foreign popularity that demands the rebel stereotype, the music has expanded in a plethora of musicians seeking to distinguish and define themselves.

Excerpt of Al-Jazeera's, Music of Resistance Part 1, Part 2

A blatantly honest Tinariwen biography from music journalist and former manager Andy Morgan.

Footage from the French documentary Teshumara.

Extensive directory of modern Tamashek music, including a weekly podcast.

Tamashek related news network Temoust (french).

Various artists:

Desert Rebel
Ibrahim Djo
Atri n'Assouf
Nabil Otmani

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Should Volkswagen recall all those Tuaregs for renaming?
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This is a really great post. Thank you.
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Hmmm. Another part of Islands in the Net expands into the real world.
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(Also previously)

(Awesome post, thanks!)
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koeselitz -- thanks, I don't know how I missed that...
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That Bambino video blew my mind for weeks.
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fuckin' flapjax.
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fuckin' flapjax

Nice alliteration action, gman! I LOVE you!
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I love Tinariwen and will be psyched to check out these other links, thanks!!
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Fantastic post. I was familiar with Tinariwen and Toure (mentioned in the flapjax post) but the rest of the musicians were new to me. Thank you.
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All of these are good, but Tourmast is fucking so great.
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I saw Tinariwen at the Rudolstadt folk+world music festival a few years back, and again on their tour collaborating with Tuung. Absolutely fantastic live. Tuung, not so much.
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