Female athlete to pose nude. Suddenly popular.
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Female athlete to pose nude. Suddenly popular. Lisa Harrison is unknown outside of basketball until she wins "Sexiest Babe in the WNBA" contest at Playboy.com. What is the worst aspect of this story? (1) That Playboy.com actually has a "sexiest babe" contest; (2) That the WNBA has a "morals policy" in every player contract that prevents them from upsetting the "family values" image of the league; or (3) That Ms. Harrison is considering posing for the magazine because the money she will make is likely to quadruple her annual salary. Or, is all of this just "adults being adults" and nobody should care?
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[...nobody should care?]

If she wants to pose nude I don't see the problem. It's her body. If the basketball team has a problem with it then they should have every right not to have her on the team.
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On a side note, I had to call the cable company last night and the recording was hyping their WNBA coverage. The phrase, "don't miss out on all the hard court action," was mentioned. *shiver* ya know, they don't sell men's basketball this way...
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Whether the WNBA has a morality clause is not relevant to me. If the players thought it was a bad idea then they should have negotiated it out. But that doesn't mean that the player who wants to pose naked should be able to do so, and let the courts decide the rest. I would rather a player pose naked for money than receive free "sexual favors" just for being a player.
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I think it's disgusting. Why can't these little roundheels behave responsibly, like their male counterparts?
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More importantly, why wasn't Lauren Jackson of the Seattle Storm voted sexiest WNBA player? Man, I'd let this 6' 5" redheaded Aussie (and Rookie of the Year candidate!) show me her "low post moves" anytime... yeah, I'd like to give her a "full-court press"!

Whoo-hoo! High five! Don't leave me hanging! :)
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I dunno, maybe she'd get better press if she posed for a magazine with a higher support rate for the WNBA...
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The Link that m.polo was trying to post, I think. (Via source for this page.)
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I think this may someday lead to nude bsketball playing in order that all players receive equal treatment. And exposure. I am all for this so long as the mens teams stay dressed.
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(Damn, whaddid I do to that...?)
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Wow, that post sure degenerated fast. It took 3 posts to get to a blowjob, 4 for a murder indictment. By #5 we're catcalling specific women athletes, and #6 is a mispost to a lesbian pr0n site. Me, I like pancakes.

...or is that a misuse of the pancake rule? Regardless, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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To answer the original questions:

1. Because they're Playboy and pretty fuddy duddy nowadays. Is this any different from People's Sexiest Bachelor? I don't think so.

2. I know the NFL has a clause like this with regards to advertising alcohol/tobacco and probably porn too

3.Why would her salary be much higher? Hardly anyone watches WNBA. Supply/Demand...

4. Probably not.
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I noticed that someone was labelling Lauren the biggest trash-talker in the WNBA (hey, around here it's called sledging). As a fellow Albury product, that makes me proud.
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This is, of course, a regular Playboy.com feature: vote for the sexiest _________ {WNBA athlete|cable sportscastress|Congresswoman|Sister of Mercy}, and we'll offer the winner a contract to pose. Part of the publicity for this poll is the high dudgeon in which certain members of the targeted group (or those who believe themselves in sympathy with same) bring to the table.

Indeed, those disappointed with the quality of this thread may enter the Way-Back Machine and set the dial to January.
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"That Playboy.com actually has a "sexiest babe" contest"

Why ns the world would there be anything wrong weith a "sexiest babe" contest?
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oops ... "ns" = "in"
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Er . . . lest I be misunderstood, I wasn't trying to contribute to the degeneration of the thread. I thought I was trying to point out a certain (though by now crashingly obvious) double standard: that we might condemn women in the public eye for posing nude while a complete thug gets something of a free pass. Not that the press didn't jump all over Ray Lewis, but it sure blew over quickly, didn't it?

Good gravy, it's Playboy. Is this even still considered pornography? Let's ask Stile! Stile will show us the way!
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True JParker, this post DID degenerate fast. Utter surprise from me. It had such a bright future. I'm making a bid for 1, 2, and 3.
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JParker, thought I'd help you check here for pancake clarification.
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