July 24, 2001
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"Hello. I'm Christopher Walken. If my video, Weapon of Choice, featuring the Fat Boy Slims, does not take at least seven of the nine moon men, I will personally journey to each of the voters' homes and I will ask them to explain themselves. Then I will slice off extremities until they suffer as I will suffer if my dance moves are thus summarily dismissed." Pause. "I could really go for a hot dog."
posted by solistrato (21 comments total)
That was a pretty good Walken, solistrato.
posted by frenetic at 6:13 PM on July 24, 2001

the pause makes it.
posted by winterdrm at 6:48 PM on July 24, 2001

You know, I don't ever watch MTV, but evidently the powers-that-be decided this video was so good they had to find other outlets to display it.

Hence, I saw it on my TWA flight from London to St. Louis.
posted by drywall at 8:09 PM on July 24, 2001

ditto. solistrato, that made me laugh quite a bit.
posted by tomplus2 at 9:09 PM on July 24, 2001

For me, what makes that video is how much fun you can see Walken having behind that characteristic deadpan expression...
posted by GriffX at 9:26 PM on July 24, 2001

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

See now, I face a conundrum. Obviously the Fatboy Slim video is entertaining, and it made me laugh, but when you think about it... it's not actually that good. The stunt doubles and edits are shockingly obvious, for one thing, and it's just so simple. Of course, there's not really anything else nominated that's worth a damn. U2 own my soul but "Beautiful Day" is a boring-ass video...

I'm putting too much thought into the goddamn MTV Awards, aren't I?
posted by logovisual at 9:30 PM on July 24, 2001

And here I thought that was a transcript of the ad campaign for the next MTV video music awards show.

Silly me.

Then again, I don't have a TV, so what the heck do I know.

Good job solistrato.
posted by swerdloff at 10:01 PM on July 24, 2001

Now if they can get Kevin Spacey to accept the award while doing his Walken impersonation, they will have effectively reached the ne plus ultra of postmodernist irony, and we can finally move on. One can hope.
posted by Skot at 12:30 AM on July 25, 2001

I enjoy that video, but this one is better.
posted by pracowity at 12:35 AM on July 25, 2001

Skot, I assume you know that Kevin Spacey was also approached to dance the role in the Fatboy Slim video?
posted by benzo8 at 1:06 AM on July 25, 2001

...to play walken?
posted by mitchel at 3:22 AM on July 25, 2001

Lovin' it! Although I think Walken's dancing was better in Pennies From Heaven which I happened to catch while channel surfing in a hotel in Denmark.

By the way, Fat Boy Slim's You've Come A Long Way, Baby is a great party album.
posted by Dick Paris at 3:25 AM on July 25, 2001

I still think this video is the best one of this (or perhaps any) year.

*Runs for cover*
posted by fidelity at 3:55 AM on July 25, 2001

while i think the christopher walken video is pretty good, it doesn't hold a candle to "boys" by b.o.n.. why? three words: nun makeout session.
posted by maura at 6:15 AM on July 25, 2001

Are the nuns also naked robots?
posted by aramaic at 7:27 AM on July 25, 2001

MMM, naked nun robots...
posted by solistrato at 7:29 AM on July 25, 2001

Anybody got a link to a 'net version, or at least a clip of it? I'm a big Walken fan, but I'll be damned if I'm going to suffer through all that crap on MTV in hopes that I might see this (and no, I have neither a VCR or Tivo)...
posted by m.polo at 7:53 AM on July 25, 2001

Um, m.polo, there's one in the link. I'm a very thorough hyperlinking Christopher Walken impersonator.
posted by solistrato at 7:54 AM on July 25, 2001

Excuse me, the Walken dance was funny, but I still think that Spike Jonze (who directed the video) will never be able to do something as good as his "Sabotage" video for the Beastie Boys.
posted by matteo at 8:50 AM on July 25, 2001

Once upon a time I thought it might be nifty to own a jeepney with the Sabotage video theme. I'd wear an afro, a fu-manchu mustache, big sunglasses, and go bombing around Manila.

There would, naturally, be a Big Red Button inside the jeepney, which customers could hit, causing the video to start playing. My driving would also probably have to become more erratic and dangerous too.

In retrospect, I think the naked robot nuns is a better idea.

...but I've said too much.
posted by aramaic at 9:33 AM on July 25, 2001

That said matteo, you should check out the Beatie Boys video anthology from Criterion. It has multiple camera angles for the video. The whole collection is amazing.
posted by john at 9:56 AM on July 25, 2001

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