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Whitechapel, the Warren Ellis forum, remodels Superman #1, 2000AD Prog 1, Amazing Adult Fantasy #15, Young Romance #1, Zap Comix #1, Wonder Woman #1 and New Worlds #223. More remodel fun. Note that the good stuff tends to be towards the middle of a thread, where the artists have had time to get going and before things tail off.
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What about Britain's newest superhero, Big Ass?
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Nice! At first I was wondering where all the content was... took me a minute to find the "next page" buttons at the bottom. :-) There's some good stuff in there.
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Grr... I'm never going to make my first FPP! I already assumed you all knew about this; I've been at Whitechapel for over a year now.

The remodeling is one of my favorite aspects of the site. Warren often publishes a few of the better selections to his LiveJournal, also.
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This is an interesting idea, but it's a lot of wade through - I realize it's a message board, but it would be really neat to have these arranged in a gallery or Flickr pool (maybe with some of the less professional ones weeded out).
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Most of the Superman ones are awesome, some talented people are contributing these. However, I did have to sigh "oh, comics fandom" when I got to this one, which looks like something drawn on some 7th grader's brown-paper book cover, but prominently displays a "BY (guy's name)" in the corner. At least he didn't put a giant watermark on it that said "ORIGINAL ART DO NOT STEAL COPYRIGHT 2010" like so many of them do.
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This is pretty sweet. I love these kinds of Tangent/Elseworlds-y reinterpretations of existing characters, and I really enjoyed that "Draw Supergirl/Batgirl/whoever" meme that Ellis talks about as one of his inspirations for these threads. So thanks for this, Artw.

I'm really glad someone made the Jung Romance joke; scrolling through that thread looking for it was pretty stressful.

Also, if Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex is ever published in pamphlet form, this should be the cover.
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I have a feeling that Warren was subtly angling for a Spider Jerusalem cover from his Amazing Adult Fantasy 15 prompt.
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And he got one, so it all works out!
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Some of these are really nice!
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