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The Biblioctopus Catalog can be as entertaining a read as some of the rare and antiquarian books that the Beverly Hills, Calif., shop sells. An entry for a $3,300 first edition of Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea asserts that the book is “as stubbornly immortal as those plastic baby diapers that won’t biodegrade.” Although Catalog 44 was mailed earlier this month, I have only been able to find links for Catalogs 20, 22, and 34. (previously)
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I can sell you some back issues.
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Wow, these are great. And I haven't read a comic book since I was 12 years old, but this, from catalog 20 -- Classics Illustrated [Classic Comics] (NY, 1941-1969).
171 vols. total. Each title is a 1st edition, 1st printing. The complete run (numbers 1-169), plus both states of The Woman in White and folio galley proofs for The Arabian Nights. Numbers 1-34 are titled "Classic Comics," as originally published before the name was changed to "Classics Illustrated."...Many titles had 10 or more editions, most were sold for years, and each later printing is bibliographically distinguishable, creating over 1000 variations of covers, ads, price and text, but our set is the 1st state of each title, and perfect on every single point. Don Quixote, Musketeers, Jane Eyre, Tom Sawyer, Cleopatra, Moby-Dick, Ivanhoe, Christmas Carol, Call of the Wild, Robin Hood, Pathfinder, War of the Worlds, Wuthering Heights, King Solomon's Mines, Uncle Tom, Poe's Tales, Monte-Cristo, Tale of Two Cities, Treasure Island, Rip Van Winkle, Black Beauty, 20,000 Leagues, Red Badge, Scarlet Letter, Frankenstein, Copperfield, Crusoe, Moonstone, Mohicans, Hunchback, Huck, Holmes and 137 others.35,000" WANT!
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When I worked in a bookstore I would on occasion look through a Robb Report. I never understood some of that stuff. I remember reading s review for a $250,000 watch. Honestly, do you need a review at that point? I mean the thing better work well. I don't wear a watch. $15 or $100 or yes, even $250,000 I'd still lose it after a day.
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Narrow hands? I have that problem too. Watches just fly off my wrist whenever I point forcefully at something.
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“as stubbornly immortal as those plastic baby diapers that won’t biodegrade” sounds like a nice tribute to Leonard Cohen's "Democracy." I'm stubborn as those garbage bags that time cannot decay.
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Have em all (digital). Good substitute for a few plodding classics like Ivanhoe or The Last of the Mohicans. But man, most of them it's a travesty - Moby-Dick? Don Quixote?
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Classics Illustrated [Classic Comics] (NY, 1941-1969).
171 vols. total

First ten issues will turn into mummy-dust if you try and read them, though. My early copies of #2 and #3 are sealed up tighter than Carbonite.

I'll take that 1st Ed. Brave New World, though. Thanks!
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From #34, linked above:

This summer [Tom] Clancy will be honored for his contributions to literature. That leaves him just 5 months to make a contribution to literature.

Comedy gold.
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You're probably right stbalbach. I remember a few from when I was a kid. Treasure Island I think, and 20, 000 leagues (reprints I'm sure).

have you seen Sikoryak's Masterpiece Comics?
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wow, all the comic book nerds around here and no one has ever done a post on Sikoryak?
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