Thinking about the immortality of the crab
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WikiWorld was a comic series developed for Wikipedia by Greg Williams using the encyclopedia's text and released under a Creative Commons license. It's topics range from the concept of a redshirt in science fiction, public radio personalities like (MeFi's own) John Hodgman, Sarah Vowell and Terry Gross, Godwin's Law, Ann Coulter and world domination.
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Cliff notes: He takes individuals on wikipedia, and draws them! He also adds some blurbs around their heads from their wiki article. HOF FPP material there AND here.

Sometimes he draws a concept too, but it's best not to describe those, just as it's best not to look directly into a solar eclipse.
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Excellent ! Thank you.
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He didn't use Pinky and the Brain for the world domination? I know what Brain is doing tonight.
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I'm rather fond of this one.
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This one struck me just right.
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The Ann Coulter one is fantastic.
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Why did he make Sarah Vowell look like a chimpmunk?
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That was great! I got sucked in and read them all.
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The secret ingredient is hand-lettering.
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Sarah Vowell and Ihave things in common. I also cannot swim and do not drive a car and come from a desolate corner of the middle-west. On the other hand I am not (to the best of my knowledge) part Cherokee, nor am I afraid of heights.
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I do not drive and have a wife and by extension daughter who are some vanishing part Cherokee - and two of us love Sarah Vowell and the other loves The Incredibles. Spooky.
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