baroque humor in porcelain
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Kate MacDowell creates the most stunning sculptures with porcelain, discovering that the “romantic ideal of union with the natural world conflicts with our contemporary impact on the environment."

Bio on her site.
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Love this. Thank you. Her stance reminds me of my favorite artist, photographer Joel Peter Witkin.
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nice body horror.
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SG: Where do you currently live and work?
KM: In Portland, Oregon

Knew it.
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Wow. Bernini, meet Cronenberg.
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Simultaneously attractive and repulsive.

Like a train wreck.

Or modern political discourse.
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Did she make those frogs before or after she learned of the mutations in the Willamette river?
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These are fantastic, thank you. Her technique is amazing.
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I love the detail on these. There's lots and lots of things to draw the eye and keep you looking and thinking after the first glance. Awesome!
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very sad and beautiful - thanks
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This is amazing work - thanks!
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My first thought: the coming reaction of some 31st century archaeologist unearthing an entire roomful of these amidst the usual Big-Gulp-cup-and-AOL-disk detritus of Western civilization.

Thanks, nickyskye, these are pretty cool.
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OMG Metachat Explained!
Safety Bunneh!
Funny, creepy, beautiful. Thanks.
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I used to teach high-school English and later produced hi-tech websites. After the dot-com bust my husband and I moved to India for a year and half and worked at a meditation retreat center. We came back back to the states by way of Italy, and I found myself living in my parent’s house again for a few months, without a job, and with a head full of fantastic tropical plants and animals, and classical and baroque marble sculpture. I started taking a local clay class while we figured out what to do next....

How depressing that cv has to be to second raters who have always wanted to be artists.

Good stuff.
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These are just the decoys I've been looking for. Do you have to paint them yourself?
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"Basically I’d like to create a pile of life-sized dead sea life out of fired porcelain or white clay, the volume of a school bus, with here and there a brightly colored orange roughy visible, the actual intended “catch” which is not discarded."

I don't know about you guys but that sounds pretty neat to me.
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Wow, awesome. Had no interest in the post by its description. Not sure why I clicked, but glad I did.
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Those are gorgeous. Thanks for posting.
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Great post.
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“romantic ideal of union with the natural world conflicts with our contemporary impact on the environment."

No shit?
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Lovely. Can't wait to see the by-catch one when she gets the time/money for it.
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