Those ink blobs just rebuilt themselves.
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Among 3quarksdaily's 80 nominees for the second annual 3QD prize in science is an excellent entry on the science of viscous laminar flows with a hard-to-swallow video: Why does the blob rewind? (Last year's science prize post.)
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They should have reshot the video with a Designated Person Who Can Count To 5.
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3QD is the single site on the Internet that I get more pleasure from reading.

In other words, I flapjax those guys.
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...the most, obviously
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Duh. Fly around the world in the opposite direction and go back in time. Scientists should spend a little less time in the lab and a little more in the movie theatre.
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A movie strip when rewound, wounds back in time, the events it evolved forward in time.

What?! I simply cannot parse this.

Cool video, though.
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It's a syntax problem not a bug in your parser. Fucking words, how do they work?
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