Designer/Artist Tobias Wong Dead at 35
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Canadian designer and artist Tobias (Tobi) Wong died May 30th at the age of 35 of suicide. His personal site, though not updated for several years, details some of his work. The press release, posted on a design blog, notes his exhibitions and work on 100% Design Shanghai. This blog post also compiles many works, including his business card. One of his works was also discussed on the blue previously.
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Wow, I thought I was unfamiliar with his work, but after glancing through that blog post, I realize that I was totally wrong. I remember seeing his inverted diamond ring, sun jar, gold-plated Bic cap, and smoking mitten all over the internet. He definitely had style.
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Wow. That's some amazing stuff.

It is sad that I am only discovering his work now because his life has ended.
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The first I heard of Tobias, I was working on that story the Times quoted in the first link, for Theme Magazine. During my mere 6 months working there, through all the writing, celebrity-wrangling, transcribing, go-getting, interview-arranging, he rose to the top as my absolute favorite personality.

Why? Because he was such a punk, and I say that in the best way. He was sweet. He had such a sense of humor. He was a lovable ass. And I adored him, and still do. He always spoke his mind, even if he wasn't speaking at all.

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We so need people like Tobias now, to refresh us and sharpen our thinking. Sad news indeed.

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I never thought I would learn of the death of someone I actually know IRL via Metafilter. How on earth...

I'm sorry, I guess I had better not say anything at all until I sort it out on my own.
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One does not passively "die of" suicide. It is a choice, and should be recognized as such.

Others reading this may well be contemplating such a choice. The idea that the situation is out of their control is not a healthy one to propagate. There is help, seek it!

That being said, I feel for the man and his family, it is a difficult thing and changes those who are left behind forever.

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Here's a eulogy at core77. It says a lot that a group that was once the target of one of Wong's stunts should hold him in such high esteem.

I was considering a post about him myself. I had a fun describing his silver pills (so your shit will sparkle!) and the Warhol gift wrap to folks at a meetup last night.

I've made a couple of sun jars and had no idea until today that they were his.
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How sad that depression too often accompanies his kind of creativity.

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So, so sad.
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What a terrible way to discover such wonderful work.

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Terrible shame. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

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It was very weird, coz right from day one the police were saying "Sleepwalking. Move along. Nothing to see here."

I've never seen such a high profile case wrapped up so quickly. Add to that the strangeness of it all. None of this "We can't comment. We'll wait for the autopsy." which I thought was standard.
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Terribly sad.
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