It's a clam, in case you're wondering.
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From the French cooking show Des Kiwis et des Hommes, a highly educational segment on how to prepare palourde royal. Kinda sorta NSFW.
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I am now experiencing what might be described as FARK-ish poster's regret.
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Voyons donc!
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I want a translation! Or captions. :D I only caught very small bits of the conversation between the nervous giggling and the camera trying to decide who's expression was the funniest.
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Je peux a une burger fromaj?
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I want a translation!

Unless my high school french has failed me, they were discussing the best way to cook a big cock.
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a big cock with clamshell ballsack.
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no wonder women like only showing their eyes among the uncouth
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They're Quebecois, these three dudes; they're laughing nervously and asking the little pink-shirted asian dude (who learned his French in Quebec, but still has a bit of an accent from his native tongue) how one cooks this 'palourde royale', this King Clam.

The resemblance to a giant dong is never said aloud, and asian dude is doing his best to just show them how to cook the damn thing - he's being an admirable straight man here, answering questions like, 'can you eat these raw? I imagine they'd be rubbery.' with grace and restraint.
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so... guys in Canada never develop emotionally or intellectually much past about the equivalent of age 13. Is that the message here?????
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It's a damn good thing that Michigan just decided to NOT build another bridge to Canada...
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If I ever stop finding geoducks funny, just drive a spike through my brain stem. No point in living.
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Man that little pink dude is like every 3rd person in Montreal during Pride Week.
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from idiopath's link:

The geoduck has a life expectancy of up to 150 years with the oldest recorded at 163 years.

Wow. You really do learn something new every day.
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well life expectancy if its not the chosen one
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They would probably find this less funny if the roles were reversed. "Your penis looks like a tiny slug!"
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Very funny vidéo coming out of a usually very boring show...
A friend published that last week on FB...
I said to myself ' aww, fuk, des kiwis et des hommes???!!'
I gave it a try, didnt regret it!

Yeah Huronbob, only canadians would find that thing funny.
I guess puritans-'Murkins would call the FCC to complain...
take your Freedom-canadian bashing to FARK...
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C'en dit *long* au sujet des animateurs québécois ... for the King Clam came from B.C.

Put that in your google translator and smoke it!
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"puritans-'Murkins "

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CitoyenK, I don't think it's espousing puritanism or the need for censorship to say that the prolonged, nigh-helpless giggling seems a bit childish and makes those two alleged "adults" look like immature schoolboys.
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Ok, ok , I'm the only one here who found that video funny.
It's normal I'm immature, I am Québecois...
I didn't notice this thread was devoted to the psychoanalysis
of Francis Reddy and Boubakar Diouf.
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"Boubakar Diouf" see, now THAT name I could laugh at all day! That and Canadian Bacon...which isn't bacon at all....
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well, I also thought it was kind of funny
though yeah, also immature and awkward
I'm also enjoying this new thing
where we write our comments in blank verse
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"comments in blank verse"
crap... I didn't understand that part...

"Boubaker Diouf"
now that name
I could laugh at all day!

And Canadian Bacon...
which isn't bacon at all.

mods are gonna yell at us for using up all the line returns....
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Hey, Tri's resto is just up the street from me, in Montreal. He's a cool guy, used to work for the best sushi place in town, but now has his own hole-in-the-wall sushi place.

I didn't find the video very funny, but since it's circulating like crazy, I showed to my GF, who couldn't stop laughing.
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Oh no! Blank verse?

This is just to say

I have preempted
the geoduck/plum
substitution joke poem
for this thread

and which
you were probably
to get some favorites from

Forgive me
but it's an old meme
so overdone
and so old
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unpredictable, I am random
I can spark
lightning like something
out of time
is this blank enough for you
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Well then, I guess I'll save my clever 13 Ways of Looking at a Geoduck mashup for next time, oui?
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so much depends

a large geoduck

glazed with soy

beside the host
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I am disappointed that geoducks have nothing to do with cartography.
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I definitely thought geoduck was a pokemon the first time I heard it. Then I realized I was thinking of this and this.
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C' tais maron!
Je l'ai apprecie
b'ain plus que
je croiyais.

Je qu'a decided
a ma cousine
qui vais sans doute
un p'ti peu.

Sauf qu'ell 'l'a
sans dou't desja

donc merci, eh?
(man, it's kinda tough to write Quebecois when you're out of practice... )
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here's what google did to that... (made more sense to me BEFORE the translation)

It shut maroon!
I appreciated
b'ain than
I croiyais.

Decided I's
a cousin
which will probably
P'ti a bit.

Except that it 'has
without dou't already to

So thank you, eh?

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