metaphorical realism
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Surreal and spectacular paintings of Vladimir Kush.

His bio and on Wikipedia.
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I like these a lot; they're beautiful and clever. Thanks for the post!
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Thank you. Fun.

There is a difference between surrealism and fantasy, though. (Or between surrealism and neo-surrealism, or between surrealism and pop surrealism.) Sorry, I get picky about the term: I'm a relic of the last century.
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I also like Kush's stuff. Much of the metaphor is very accessible and easy to decipher, which is to its credit.
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Or magical realism. Or "metaphorical realism!" (I just noticed the title. Nice term for his paintings. There is a little visual punning/metaphorical imagery going on.)
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post-daliross pretty much sums it up
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Beautiful. Thank you!
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His work reminds me of Jacek Yerka's.
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I like a lot!
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Huh. So this is what you get when Salvador Dali and Thomas Kinkade have a child.
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I really like these, so long as I don't pay attention to the titles. I worry I'm doing it wrong.
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Wow, these are great. Too bad they cost so freakin' much!
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What, wreckingball? It would be nice to hear the report of the rabbit by the bear’s liar. And our spiders have weaved the membrane web and cast it to the Universal Spider. Internet is working, is the way I see it!
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These are very interesting. Thanks for posting them!
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Seems like we were just talking about this sort of thing.
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And he's a pretty nice guy too. I met him in Hawaii (on Maui, I forget the name of the town where his gallery was) and had a glass of wine and a chat. Ended up getting his book, signed and all, for free because we were both a bit too intoxicated for me to remember to pay him. "Oops".
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