The Nativity of Tyrone Slothrop
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If not otherwise specifically mentioned, do characters in epoch-shaping novels have birth dates, nativities? Did the author, for whatever literary reasons, or just for the fun of it (“mindless pleasures”), create the protagonist of the novel based on the astrological implications of some pre-imagined nativity, if not actually a definite birth date, time, and place?! Could the scholarly, serious, or curious reader benefit from knowing the horoscope of the character in question?
Paperware to Vaporware, The Nativity of Tyrone Slothrop
Hand-drawn Tyrone Slothrop Birth Chart
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Okay, this is WAY too esoteric for me...

but I would not be surprised to learn that Pynchon had picked out a specific date and time for Slothrop to be born for astrological reasons. He is such a puzzle fanatic and a stickler for odd details... That he may have delved this deep into his character creation without being explicit about it in his writing would, indeed, not be too far fetched.

I wonder if he's read the linked website and smiled quietly to himself as he prepared to go out for his daily walk.
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I regret not forming the post in a way to showcase it more, but this admittedly ridiculously esoteric article and drawing are but one outlaying peak on a rather large iceberg of Pynchon fanaticism (mostly in German). Here's the 'index'. Gallerie. Proverbs for Paranoids.
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Damn, that was just *awful*.
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If astrology actually worked, I expect (rich) people would have several horoscopes cast before their kids were born, for a couple of days around the prospective time of birth, work out what time and day is most optimal, and induce or delay labor accordingly. That this isn't done is another indicator that it doesn't actually work.
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Thomas Pynchon, Geometer.
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Is there any other description for Pynchon fanaticism other than "an outlaying peak on a rather large iceberg"?
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You might get further with Pynchon thinking about American history and finance than you will with astrology. (Not that astrology won't help, of course ... any map does.)
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I started reading that first link, but found it too dense and impenetrable. So I stopped reading it. If anyone asks I'll swear that I loved it & everyone else should read it too.

Whoa, deja vu...
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I don't know nothin' 'bout no links, but I am A Slothrop Supporter.
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There is a great deal of emphasis in the final pages of Gravity's Rainbow on a throwing of Tarot cards for various characters.

By some odd coincidence of the stars I am a couple pages from finishing the book. I couldn't quite finish the final few pages last night before I went to sleep.
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