ricky and fats
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Fats... I'm walking and, helping out, is Ricky Nelson
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That could only get more awesome if it really was Grand Master Flash's real You Tube account.
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Nice. I can easily ignore the white boy, but I sure could have used a little audible Fats Domino piano...even a solo...
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Like new blue rice paper that hints at the wet, congealed blue below. Thin.
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The white boy had some soul....
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Its sad that Ricky was above Fats on the marquee.
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Nice timing. My wife and I were downtown last night listening to Allen Toussaint talk about how much he admired Fats, whose records he sometimes played piano on when Domino had to be elsewhere. Then this afternoon she was scoffing when I was listening to Ricky. I always thought the guy made great records, with top-notch musicians — the first guy he hired for his band was guitarist James Burton, who even lived in his house for two years.

I can easily ignore the white boy
Its sad that Ricky was above Fats on the marquee.

He was a much bigger deal — which you may indeed consider sad, but it's true — especially where TV was concerned. Probably because of TV... anyway in the late 50s, early 60s Nelson was the biggest rock star in the nation, except for Elvis. Fats has had about a dozen top 10 songs in his career, but Ricky had about 20. You can prefer Fats, who was among the first bunch inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but Ricky went in in the following year. Their versions of "I'm Walkin’" both went to #4 on the charts (Nelson's was only a B side; at the same time, his A side was #2.)

John Fogerty, who gave the speech when Nelson was inducted into the Hall of Fame, wrote about Ricky for Rolling Stone's 100 "Immortals." (Nelson was #91, Fats was #25.) Fogerty said, "To this day I consider Ricky Nelson one of the true pioneers of rock & roll. Rick's career started within months of Elvis Presley hitting the scene and making his own splash on TV. Rick was able to take the rockabilly thing from Sun and then add more of a pop vibe than Sam Phillips would have ever used. That combination really worked. Even on my little cheesy record player, Ricky's records sounded amazing. If you really love rock & roll, Rick Nelson deserves to be taken very seriously."
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