75 Lost Silent Films Returning to US
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A trove of 75 early American silent films have been found in a film archive in New Zealand and are being returned to the US. The Films are on old nitrate film stock, which in addition to being highly flammable (prompting those involved to ship them in steel barrels), is also prone to decay. The Films are being portioned out between 5 different restoration labs for transfer to modern film. Now if we could only get Robert Mugabe to play ball with the lost Doctor Who episodes.

Note: That screenshot is from Inglorious Basterds, in case you're unfamiliar with that scene.
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That still at the top of the NYT article (the two women's faces in the little window) is priceless!
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Correction: Not merely flammable, explosive.
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I watched a film on nitrate a few years ago at the Dryden Theatre at the George Eastman House. Naturally, a bit of a fuss was made about the medium. It looked gorgeous. I can't remember what movie it was, but I felt at the time it was a special experience that I probably wouldn't get to have again. Now, maybe that's not true.
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Wasn't there a comment in this last year by someone with lots of experience handling nitrate and other old stocks? I'm pretty sure it got sidebarred, if I remember correctly.
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Man, now I really hate Robert Mugabe
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Decasia is a great movie made from scraps of decaying nitrate silents.
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So no word on whether they found a print of the 1917 Theda Bara Cleopatra?
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Right next to the long lost cache of Colin McKenzie films, no doubt.
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Not merely flammable, explosive.

Burns real good. Hollywood used old stock for special effects - like the burning of Atlanta scene in Gone With The Wind.

We live in a disposable culture, we Americans.
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God, I knew about the BBC short-sightedly reusing master tapes back in the day (which would be, you know, absolutely unthinkable today) and how that screwed us out of a lot of old Doctor eps, but I'd never heard about the Mugabe thing.

What an asshole.
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Here's hoping some of the musicians who do silent film soundtracks get inspired by some of these films when they're released.
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I don't know if I buy the Mugabe Dr. Who thing. It mostly seems like a ploy to pass the buck--which certainly stops at the BBC, where it was systematically erased--onto someone who is already popularly regarded as one of the evilest douches that ever douched. Are they sure they never sold copies of Not Only But Also to Kim Jong Il?
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This is a great find. I used to work at an film archive and had access to nitrate stock films. Many of the films were only bits and pieces of once full length films stored in cans which were kept in vaults. And every couple of years the archive would have to go through and essentially audit each can of film for deterioration. I know from that experience that there is more to be discovered out there in archives because often I was looking at films that were pretty much forgotten to time.

I'm sure the Pordenone Silent film festival is excited by this discovery.
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