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Seth Roland does amazing things with wood. From bookends to tables and more, he does remarkable things with wood and a band saw.. Fine Woodworking magazine's website has a video.
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I really really love looking at beautiful wood pieces. The glass top ones not so much since I have a tendency to walk into glass like a kooky bird. Plus the blanket chest from his website is something that I've always wanted. The last wood working post inspired me to look up classes in my area. They're pricy but it's nice to dream. Thanks for the post!
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Oh, Christ. First those 101 sandwiches and now this. I'm suffering an attack of the WANTSIES! that could, quite possibly, cause me permanent damage.
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My grandfather was a carpenter. My father is a carpenter. Dad used to bring me to work with him on Saturdays and give me dirty, nasty jobs so I would develop a hate for physical labour and get a desk job. It worked. But when I see stuff like this, I wish I had followed in their footsteps.
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Awesome post thanks afor the morning wood
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That is some very clever wood working. It reminded of this dining table that incorporates a similar idea.
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What a great find; such a simple technique and such beautiful results.
(Rushes out out to shop to create large quantities kindling!)
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