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"We caught up with the legendary Peter Hook to interview him about the good old days." Peter Hook's Extraordinary Stories. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) (MLYT)
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How funny. He must know he is being made fun of.
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Love Peter Hook.
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So even the fathers of alternative just turn into your dad in the end. And then go buy bread.
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favorited. i'll have to watch these this weekend. but i swear to god, i hope he doesn't mention ian curtis more than twice. as much as we all respect joy division, i hope he doesn't spend that much time on them.
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taumeson: a couple of weeks ago he did a tribute gig (for the 30th anniversary of Ian's death) and played the whole of Unknown Pleasures - so I wouldn't be optimistic that he doesn't mention Ian.
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D Ramirez did an excellent remix of Control last year.
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Uh, this is what Peter Hook sounds like.
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actual hook.
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Wat has Peter Hook ever done to you, dude? Geez.

More real Hook: Freebass
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Dammit Hammond Rye, I'm trying to get some work done today.
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I saw New Order play, I guess about 8 or 10 years ago now.

Hook had "ADDICTED TO BASS" painted across his speaker box.
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The first time I saw New Order play I was in high school, so that'd be about 1989 or so at MacMaster University, opened by the Bodines. We knew Hook was responsive to the audience so like high school kids we yelled some stuff at him and he told us to fuck off but with a wry smile (I can't really recall what we said but it probably deserved a fuck off).

Hook was at the Toronto International Film Festival for the Joy Division documentary. The biggest laugh was when Hook, in the documentary, said he never paid attention to the words (the discussion was about Ian's rather overt dark if not downright suicidal lyrics). I suppose the fans always pay more attention but the total lack of attention the other band members had for the lyrics is a bit baffling. Interesting to read Hook on the lyrics in Infinite Jest's post.

Loved these little clips.
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The Perfect Kiss.

Hooky does the f*ckin' kiss-ass Bass-solo from top to bottom of the fretboard at the finale of this video. The deadpan facial expressions of all involved are priceless.
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Bernie has always thought about staying in and going out.

I'm waiting for the book.
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