Failures Are Not an Option
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Trouble started soon into Hayabusa's treacherous round-trip journey to Itokawa when she lost her companion, Minerva. On arrival, she stumbled and dropped the sample she was sent to retrieve, and we thought the worst when she stopped calling. One accident left her disoriented and unable to find her way, and another reduced her progress to a slow limp. But on Sunday, with unfailing help from home, Hayabusa returns, three years late and seven years after she departed.
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Wow. Hard to believe that they've managed to get this little robot back to Earth despite nearly everything possible going wrong during the mission. That, alone, says a lot about human ingenuity and our little mechanical friends that we send out into space.
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...our little mechanical friends...

Dude, they'd use you a battery if they could. Don't make friends with robots!
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I was hoping this was about dogs.
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"Dude, they'd use you [as] a battery if they could. Don't make friends with robots!"

I don't know, it might not be all that bad. We'd be really snappy dressers. And we'd know kung fu and stuff.
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*crosses sensor instrumentation*
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What an amazing story! It could make a great anime plot - the little space probe that was given up for dead, then re-established contact, then limped home on one engine, and burns up on re-entry, but the capsule with the asteroid dust manages to land in Australia. And all the scientists shed a tear for its brave sacrifice.

I find it cute that Japanese media and tweets are referring to Hayabusa as "Hayabusa-kun".
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