"[Gigantic Media Company]'s actions are unprecedented and completely anti-consumer,"
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"[Gigantic Media Company]'s actions are unprecedented and completely anti-consumer," said [Other Gigantic Media Company] spokesman Vivek Varma. "[Gigantic Media Company] is paying computer makers to eliminate consumer choice, forcing people to select the most expensive service in the industry." Uh, pot, kettle left a message for you: you're black.
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To continue with the cliche theme, it is somewhat satisfying to see someone get a taste of their own medicine here. Their reaction, however, is even more interesting. So you don't like it when people do to you what you have been doing to people for years? Tough.
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Well, I can see why MS is upset. They don't get to advertise MSN on AOL, I don't imagine, even though AOL is near the default ISP. They're only opening up XP icon space to appease the DOJ so they can get on with conquering the world. This move would make that harder.

Ah, well, it's all PR anyway. It never bothered me before but MS is starting to get on my nerves lately. One of these days all my pirated MS software is off my PC and something free is going on it.
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AOL has a deal with RealNetworks to include RealPlayer for playing media. AOL owns Nullsoft, it's too bad that they won't include Winamp, it's a whole lot less intrusive than RealPlayer. Although, you can't use Winamp to play video.

On a somewhat related note, I downloaded MSN Explorer on my computer at work (it's fun to have a machine that you can test things on without polluting your own). I almost feel dumber after using it. The Microsoft Experience: Use lots of big buttons, pretty colours and have all roads lead to their websites. I hate to admit it but it would be an easy way to get my parents more comfortable with the internet.
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I love it.

Capitalism : Huge companies battling for the desktop
Monopoly : MS writing contracts that disallow anyone else from using the desktop.
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The article doesn't mention this, but AOL might want have Netscape, RealPlayer, WinAmp, and AOL Instant Messenger installed while they're at it. What would prevent them from having the PC manufacturers do it? That would be a major bitchsmack to microsoft.

I see one of two situations: Microsoft is really, really scared by the situation they created by opening up the desktop/apps that manufacturers can install. Soon, anyone willing to give PC manufacturers money (lots of it) can get on the desktop!

or, aol is going to keep quiet and let the government rip em apart, which doesn't seem like that's going to happen.

Microsoft just dug its own grave.
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I was reinstalling AOL 6 on sister's PC the other day (yeah I know AOL is evil, but she likes it), and after it was done, and the PC was restarted, I was shocked to see AOL throw so much crap on the Desktop, stuff like "Install Winamp", "Sign A Friend To AOL And Make $$$", etc.

While I agree that MS should loosen it's grip on the OS, and allow others to customise it a bit, I don't really want to buy a PC with AOL as it's default everything. I believe that would be much worse.
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In my fantasy world, I would be able to order a computer with the bare minimum OS installed, and a desktop app that would allow me add on programs/offers via a checklist.

It sucks having to uninstall all that AT&T/MSN/IBM/OTHER promotional crap that tries to herd us into their marketing sheep pens.
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I felt the same way and bought this.
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Apart from building one yourself (or paying someone to build one for you, I suppose), is it even possible to buy a PC with no OS pre-installed at all? If so, where?
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I don't suppose any agreements to put uninstall software on desktops are to be expected anytime soon : )
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normy: Apart from building one yourself (or paying someone to build one for you, I suppose).

Personally, I think more people should look into this, I've been doing it for years (building my own and for my family). THe only thing that makes it annoying is that the cost of a legal copy of any MS OS gets pricey when it's not an "upgrade".
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The Real Man's Uninstaller
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