D'URBAN/☆ 〇(゜ο゜)o ぱ~んち!
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Are you man enough? Man enough for D'URBAN, Japanese men's wear commercials from the seventies, and eighties, 2::3::4::5::6::7::8... 11::12:: with easy listening soundtracks to die for. Think Paul Mauriat and Francis Lai. And while we are on the subject of things awesome, and things Japanese, please do look at 00000piopio's criminally good youtube channel of a-ma-zing Japanese first pressings of such songs as -- Do You Know The Way To San Jose by Bossa Rio::Sugar Sugar from The Archies::Que Sera Sera by Mary Hopkin::Another Day/Paul McCartney::Sealed With A Kiss/Lettermen::Love Me Tonight /Tom Jones::In the Ghetto/Elvis Presley::An Old Fashioned Love Song/Three Dog Night::In The Year 2525/Zager & Evans::Knock Three Times/Dawn::and I've barely scratched the surface.
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Wow, that first video, I have never heard French spoken with a Japanese accent before.

Now anyway, I don't see the point of these YouTubes of Japanese "first pressings." Yeah, I have an audiophile friend, the kind of guy who owns $30,000 speakers, $25,000 of components and an $8000 turntable, and he raves about the quality of Japanese vinyl, and routinely pays obscene amounts of money for Japanese vinyl (especially first pressings) on eBay. I've heard his best examples and I will agree to the superiority of their sound. BUT.. none of this will be apparent from a YouTube audio track at 128kbps AAC. It takes a high end audiophile stereo just to tell the difference between a great vinyl pressing and any old pressing.
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Slamming post. Somehow Bossa Rio is a group that I'd missed until now, so, big thanks for that, puny human! Obviously they're a Sergio Mendes/Brazil 66/77/88 whatever clone band, but... I think they're better. Love their version of Eleanor Rigby.
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thanks flapjax :)

what an amazing cover of Eleanor Rigby.

Here's Engelbert Humperdinck, Love Me With All Of Your Heart .
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Who knew that men'swear and easylistening could go together so well. Thanks, puny human!

These sound great, with no real clipping or any of the typical distortion you'd hear on youtube. No doubt they'd sound even better on a high end stereo, but even so they're still pretty sweet.
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I agree Kevin. I think they sound fantastic through headphones.

Flapjax, Paul Mauriat - Eleanor Rigby

(or maybe it was all just The windmills of my mind)

(don't mind me, I'm just a Midnight cowboy)
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喜びの世界/スリー・ドッグ・ナイト Joy To The World/Three Dog Night

Mandom is an awesome place! Mr. Bronson did not lie.
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So good. I am happy. Thanks.
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