What the hex?
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What the hex? Pick the correct color based on the hex code.

The difficulty number along the bottom controls how many color swatches you have to pick from.
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I went right to level 48 difficulty and got the first one right on the very first try. So I am now retired from this game, with a perfect record.
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I got 100% right on the default 5-swatch mode. I doubt it's possible to consistently choose from the 8x6 grid unless you're one of those savants who sees numbers as colors. Too many similar-but-not-quite shades in there, turning it more into a game of luck than of skill.
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Ack!! Some of you people spend way too much time in HTML land (and, yeah, I've visited there.)
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"Oddly absorbing, aesthetically pleasing, mindless brain-ticklry."
             - Terminus Daily Journal
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I surprised myself by also going 100% on the default 5-swatch mode. When I clicked on the link I was expecting to be terrible, but it's actually pretty easy to go 'This color is mostly green, and there's more blue than red.'
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I keep on going "arr gee bee..arr gee bee...." in my head.
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Here is the Multicolor Search Lab from Ideé. Pick a color, get a block of images from Flickr.
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this is really hard.
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Eh, it's no #006699.
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this is really hard.

Try attempting it if you're colorblind, then get back to me. ;)
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This is pretty easy for me in 5-swatch mode, and I know nothing about color. It's RRGGBB. 00 is none of that color, 7f is half, and ff is all. You can guess most of these by thinking of them like "mostly red, a little green, no yellow" etc and picking the closest match that describes. Some are close and I had to think about it a bit, but overall not too hard.

48 swatch can get bent.
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I've started playing my own game, where I try to get every single one in the 48 wrong. It's harder than you would think.
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Make sure your laptop screen is tilted just right, or the colors will be distorted. I noticed this after getting two colors that looked identical, until I tilted my screen to a better angle.
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It's not that hard unless you get a two swatches that are really close together.
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So a redditor put it on the lowest difficulty setting and got this
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So, uh, as a computer engineer, we work intricately with hexadecimal format numbers. I feel like I'm cheating by playing this.
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So this is where computer "games" go to die.
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Why am I good at this? This is vaguely embarrassing.
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This is really fun.
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I'm surprised how easy this is for me. My wife says I'm colorblind. I'm not, but there's a big difference between matching an RGB code to a color and having a good sense of what colors go well together. I suck at that.
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