There's a depth to our experiences.
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This was a like a far-less-compelling version of the first 15 minutes of Up, sadly. Not much going on in 11 minutes of runtime.
posted by disillusioned at 10:44 PM on June 12, 2010

Poignant, mais pas du dénouement.
posted by gnossie at 11:25 PM on June 12, 2010

I remember seeing this at a short films festival recently. I liked it.
posted by hattifattener at 11:28 PM on June 12, 2010

This was created by Kunio Katō, who also made The Diary of Tortov Roddle. (Youtube Link.) It's a bit less sentimental and more whimsical than the above.

La Maison en Petits Cubes also won the Oscar for Animated short in 2009.
posted by zabuni at 12:56 AM on June 13, 2010

I haven't seen Up but I did see the opening online. Just because one thing is like another thing doesn't mean the second thing doesn't need to be made.
posted by delmoi at 1:41 AM on June 13, 2010

There is room in the world for multiple poignant retrospectives. This one was beautiful.
posted by aeschenkarnos at 2:45 AM on June 13, 2010

I loved the conceit that framed this, allowing our protagonist to revisit the various stages in his life, preserved below him.
posted by ursus_comiter at 2:54 AM on June 13, 2010

It feels like a cross between Les Triplettes de Belleville and the video for Pyramid Song.
posted by Baldons at 3:32 AM on June 13, 2010

It's like An Inconvenient Truth, but more concise.
posted by etc. at 5:40 AM on June 13, 2010

posted by odinsdream at 6:49 AM on June 13, 2010 [2 favorites]

This is lovely. Thank you.
posted by SLC Mom at 8:39 AM on June 13, 2010

Wonderful. Thanks
posted by cman at 9:53 AM on June 13, 2010

I felt like there were times I was supposed to tear up, but didn't.

I didn't actually tear up until the wineglasses clinked. That was good.
posted by lysdexic at 12:29 PM on June 13, 2010

Came here to say the same as odinsdream and lysdexic. Very different from UP from my point of view. And I loved the animation style.

Thank you.
posted by Hactar at 1:32 PM on June 13, 2010

This was as lovely and poignant the second time as the first - even having seen UP in between the two times.
posted by dendritejungle at 4:26 PM on June 13, 2010

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