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Boemerang! Boemerang was a fictional TV Chat Show hosted by Erik Hartman. It comes from Flemish sketch show In De Gloria.
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That's very well done, although it would be more uncomfortably funny and less yuk-yuk without the second guy.

I'm sort of astounded to realize that the Hartman/Cartman name conflict actually did exist way back in 2002. At first I thought, "oh, this must have been pre-South Park, back when that name could be had by an actual person".
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The fictional documentary reached even greater heights in Arjan Ederveens 30 Minuten. No subtitles unfortunately. So the 'encryption' in Dutch is effective.
An Australian girl once said to me "You Dutch are so cute! You even have your own secret little language!" I didn't know whether to be annoyed or amused.
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If you're watching this and thinking, "Gosh, if only it were stretched out over several years...," look no further than Alan Partridge. And then, like, repent your sins against comedy or something.
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Joost: But is IS a secret and little language, with all those tricksy double vowels, and more regional accents than America has states! (I always remember some joke about the longest pet in Belgium being a dooooooooooooooog, from some specific region to the east).
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Heh Goofyy, I agree that the long vowels can be tricksy for anglophones. The diphtongs too. I like to give the word koeieuier as an example.
If you're from the German speaking part of Switzerland it shouldn't be too hard though.
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