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Rod Humble, lead designer for The Sims, and creator of seminal art-game The Marriage -- discourses on free will at E3. [via]
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E3 Youtube Link
Also, 5:40 into the video is the interesting free will discussion. The first 5 minutes is Joe Montana and the new Madden football game.
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That's the third video linked in the original post, forforf.
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Yeah, I had botched the link in the original post, so he corrected it.
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Mmph. Football until 5:40, then only about 5 minutes of Sims talk, and then some music video action. I know this is for E3 so they have to keep it shiny and relatively superficial, but I seriously one day hope to see a full-on half-hour TED talk from the Sims folks.

I was particularly intrigued by the bit when he said that even they couldn't predict their Sims' behavior, short of setting up an identical situation and running it faster. Some of the emergent behavior I've seen in Sims 3 has startled even me, and I've been playing the damned games for ten years now.
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