But no green bacon, man, that's where I draw the line.
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Green Eggs and Ham: music by Dylan Hears a Who [previously previouslier], animation from Dr. Seuss on the Loose (1973).

...The Zax and Oh, the Thinks You Can Think get the same treatment, but neither work quite as well as Green Eggs and Ham, IMHO.
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This is exactly the thing Dr. Seuss on the Loose needs. The music in that is abrupt and jarring, constantly. The catchy tunes of pseudo-Dylan are perfect for it.
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Green bacon.
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Moxy Fruvous did an excellent song from Green Eggs and Ham. Listen to it here on YouTube.

And really, this post deserves more attention.
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Green Eggs and Ham is a tragedy, a picture-book version of 1984. The protagonist is relaxing and doing just fine until Sam shows up, who (with the aid of seemingly everyone else) proceeds to methodically wear down his will until he finally gives in, gives up his individuality, and becomes just like all the others.
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