Sebastian Horsley found dead at London home
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Underworld dandy: Sebastian Horsley dies, aged 47, of suspected overdose. Sebastian Horsley, the dandy, writer and artist who found fame by being nailed to a cross in the Philippines, has died at the age of 47. The colourful self-publicist was found dead at his flat in central London this morning, days after a play adapted from his memoirs – Dandy in the Underworld – opened at the Soho theatre.
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I have to appreciate the length to which he went to publicize the play, but, honestly, he may have gone a bit too far.
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I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this man had "issues".


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I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this man had "issues".

Heroin addiction is an issue, yes.
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I'd never heard of Sebastian Horsley, until about a year ago, when he read from his autobiography on an NPR program. It was one of the funniest "performances" I've ever heard, but I can't imagine that reading the book would be as great as hearing him read from it in his own voice, with his funny stresses and whatnot . . . so I never picked it up. You can hear it here and judge for yourself.
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I'm not sure how I feel about him and his work, but the world is a far less interesting place for his passing, so for that alone, I tip my hat.
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I read the book. Loved it.
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... he was refused entry to the country in March 2008 on the grounds of "moral turpitude".

i don't know squat about immigration laws & travel visas and such, but to be denied entry to THIS country on the grounds of "moral turpitude"? that takes some balls.

looking forward to reading the book; sorry you had to go to such lengths, dude.

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My sort of guy.
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