Olivia raises 100,000 dollars for birds.
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Olivia Bouler is making 500 original drawings of birds to send to donors who help save oil-soaked birds. AOL donated 25,000 and is hosting the 11 year-old's portfolio.

She has raised over 100,000 dollars so far.
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What an awesome thing to do.
posted by djgh at 12:48 PM on June 17, 2010

I was not really expecting much, but those are excellent illustrations for a child of that age. Good proportion, even, which is the hardest thing for kids especially to get right. Good for her!
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She was on ABC news last week. Walking on the beach she picked up a oil covered feather and burst into tears.

Good for her.
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she's very talented, this is really sweet and what an awesome way to raise some direly needed money for the birds.
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Oh, wow! Her mom was (and still is) an English teacher at my high school. Ms. Bouler was an uncommonly creative and inspiring teacher. It doesn't surprise me that she has such a talented and passionate daughter. Go, Olivia!
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