Faultline Flash Game
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(Late) Friday Flash Fun: Faultline is a clever platformer where you can fold parts of the level to advance.
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very enjoyable! thanks!
posted by Solon and Thanks at 6:42 PM on June 18, 2010

Cool game. I still don't exactly "get it" completely but I got through it okay. The level near the end with the 6x6 or so grid of glass bottles, I still have no idea what was going on there.
posted by Khalad at 7:29 PM on June 18, 2010

I'd prefer it if I could foldspace anywhere I'd like, but hey, it kept me up for an extra 30 minutes.
posted by SNWidget at 10:22 PM on June 18, 2010

Good times. Would be interesting to see a more developed sequel. Or a level editor.
posted by cthuljew at 3:06 AM on June 19, 2010

Really good idea, and well-executed. Thanks for the post
posted by churl at 3:13 PM on June 19, 2010

Reminds me of part of the gimmick from the just-announced Kirby's Epic Yarn.
posted by Servo5678 at 4:27 PM on June 20, 2010

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