Full Week
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Full Week: nothing but pure, list pulverizing accomplishment in six easy phases.* With interactive calendar! (Revolving Floor previously.)

*Frivolous matters such as bathroom breaks, naps, and career not accounted for.
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As one of those who identified with this post I am having heart palpitations now.
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Oh good! If I just quit my job, I'll finally have a spare 45 minutes in which to trim my pubic hair.


(And yes, he recommends allotting 45 minutes for this activity.)
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This is not how things get done.
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Where is there time for internet meme development, astounding and beautiful photo essays, and building robots?
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What Iteki said. I feel exhausted from just scrolling through the page.
I'm going to bed now.
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It takes a good 45 minutes in which to trim pubic hair if you're making topiary animals like I do. Right now I am sporting the elephant look, but my unicorn is also quite popular. Then there's the narwhale and the rhino.

I just assumed everyone does this.
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hilarious! what a great find. the rest of the blog is great too.
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If there's not time in there for building robots, it is not a week worth living.
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Funny, though from the title I was hoping for more nerdy project management porn, like PERT/Gantt charts, resource management, material supply, budget estimates and tracking, and critical chain planning, with all the prep work he left out back-sheduled for months/weeks before, culminating in a frenzied one-week, as much action as possible shoehorned into the time available, life overhaul. And then a running blog of his progress on the project (of course, progress monitoring and blogging time would have to be scheduled.) As in, how much planning and management overhead can you add before you're not actually spending any time doing the work? A question I often ask myself at work.

I guess that wouldn't lend itself as well to routine recurring tasks like "get 8 hours of sleep" as it would big one-off tasks like deep-cleaning the house, reorganizing the bill receiving/paying/filing process, etc.

(I like how "Figure out how to delete MySpace account" takes more than 2 hours. heh.)
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Seriously questioning this guy's time management (something he seems to think he's an expert at. He can "write a strongly worded letter to his congressman/woman" in 10 minutes but it takes him an hour and a half to "figure out what random key is for"? Only an hour at the DMV?
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Did he remember "light candles and incense?" Because I (stupidly) own these things, and once every four months think "shit, I never remember to light these candles!" While we're dispensing with guilt over undone things, let's include a candle-lighting ritual. Also, what about "plan Halloween costume?"
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