Fonts used on South Africa 2010 World Cup jerseys
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Typography of World Cup jerseys: In general, or just Italy’s. Or read an interview with Paul Barnes, who designed the faces for – yes – Italy and several other Puma-sponsored countries (Algeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Switzerland, Uruguay).
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not a fan of the all-lowercase names on Italy's jerseys. I think it detracts from legibility.
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England should have used Comic Sans.

Just to get that one out of the way, hmm?
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I am a huge font geek.

I think the Crepello font used on Italy's jersey is quite nice.
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I like how the "more info" link in the "just Italy's" link leads to a tweet. Because whenever I want more info on something, I go directly to Twitter.

Snark aside, there has been some fantastic design happening around the World Cup, and I'm thrilled to see more examples of that.
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I hate that the L's look like backwards J's. Every time I see one of those I feel suddenly dyslexic.

Oh, and while I was watching Greece the other day, it took me a while to figure out why the players' names were apparently spelled out in a mix of two alphabets; turns out those Π's were actually just shitty N's. Duh!
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What I really want to find out is what font the Dutch use. That're pretty striking.
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Really? From my vantage point the Dutch look as if they've applied their numbers with strips of tape. just wrong
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