Kinda Blue Note
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Vintage Vanguard is a Japanese web site featuring the cover art for every Blue Note album ever released. Other labels are featured as well.
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Wow! Wow! A treasure trove! Thanks, dobbs!
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I love these kinds of things, thanks!
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The back of the album (or inside art) is at a higher resolution than the cover... Wish these were all high(er) res!

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What a coincidence! I was just watching Matt Mullenweg's recent WordCamp SF talk where he based every slide on a Blue Note album cover.
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The cover of Hank Mobley's Workout is one of my favorite things ever. (The contents also rank pretty highly.)

How did people in the olden days wear their pants this high yet not look even slightly dorky?

One more: The Exciting Gene Krupa.
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Back in the day, flipping through a peach crate of albums in a dorm room of someone you just met. Or a party. You find anything Blue Note, you hang around a while. This person has something to say.
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These made jazz seem cool ... impossibly cool. But where to go from here? The busy baroque of the psychedelic era was the reaction.
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This is so awesome. There is such a great match between these iconic covers and the music they housed.
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'Good Gracious!'
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I was not ready for this.
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Question about Blue Note typography:

Can anyone tell what the fonts are on the cover of this album and this one? Especially the skinny sans serif one used to list the musicians?
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Terrific, thanks!
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This is a good day for jazz on MeFi—thanks, dobbs!
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i think news gothic and news gothic condensed.
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Great stuff, dobbs. I was always wishing that someone somewhere would put all these iconic LP covers all in one place. And here they are. I'd suspect many will favorite this post!
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These fascinating album covers were what initially drew me into exploring jazz as a teenager. Spending hours pilfering my parents record collection was one of my favorite past times. Great to see all the different artistic styles and how they progressed over the years.
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