Entrance Romance (It Felt Like A Kiss) by Ryan McGinley
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Entrance Romance (It Felt Like A Kiss). A short film by Ryan McGinley. It's strange.

From the YouTube description:
I knew it was going to be wild when I signed on," says Carolyn Murphy, who stars in Ryan McGinley's exclusive short film Entrance Romance (it felt like a kiss). "Next thing I know, my manager is telling me that they're going to break glass on my head and my leading man's a dog. I'm like, 'That's it?' I was so sure I'd have to take my clothes off," she says, laughing. Shot with a Phantom camera (capable of capturing video at over 1000 frames per second), Entrance Romance sees the all-American beauty (since 2002 the face of Estée Lauder) cheerfully turning a can of WD-40 into a flame thrower, passionately kissing a dog and smiling serenely as a bowl of goldfish smashes over her head. Murphy notes: "I think we did the fishbowl scene in just one take. As soon as it cracked against my head, everyone dove down and scrambled to pick up the goldfish. None were hurt in the making of this film!" The film's collision of innocence and thrill should be familiar to fans of the photographer's previous work—carefree, hazy shots of teenagers jumping off cliffs, skinny dipping or cavorting in remote locations (and earlier this year, McGinley debuted a film for Pringle of Scotland featuring Tilda Swinton in a forest and caves)—but here the action is exquisitely drawn out, with the camera registering the most minute changes in Murphy's expression. Despite the relentless focus, her face remains unflinchingly calm, emphasized by soft, beachy makeup, luminous golden lighting, and a meditative, chant-led soundtrack, all of which provide an intriguing contrast to the film's explosions of glass shards. "We thought about going with a really rough punk rock look," makeup artist James Kaliardos says. "But Ryan loved the idea of showing this iconic, fresh-faced Californian girl in an entirely new context, so I did fresh, 70s "no-makeup" makeup. We wanted her to look happy and in control, but still vulnerable." So she does—and her bliss is infectious.
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I don't get it.

And those credits at the end - it took that many people to make this?
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I LOLed so it was good for something, I guess.
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A full third of the video is credits?
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it's like McGinley saw that Pedigree Dogs ad shot 1000 FPS using the Phantom camera and decided it needed more Kustom Kar Kommandos
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If anybody asks, the PR copy beneath the video is responsible for the shooting spree I just completed.
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I shut my eyes -- then opened them and had to shut them again -- while the dog licked. So ewww.
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Oh, man, the tongue thing was kind of phech, but overall, it's certainly... weird.
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Oh, look, it's every first student film ever.
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I dig it.
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OK, I just watched it again. There's clearly something wrong with me.
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you know there's a 'vuvuzela' button on the youtube video player, right? Just sayin'
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I was reminded of this Vitalic video.

Not that I mind. The more 1000 fps videos of dogs out there, the better, I say.
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other than admiring her beauty and bizareness, I got nothing out of this. Who funds these videos?!? What's the point? The dog licking thing made me have a verrrrry strange dream.
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